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Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

Oh, these backs…!

Housing, set

I cannot deny that Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro stole my heart with its looks. I have not seen such a beautiful smartphone in a long time.

Xiaomi packs Mi 8 Pro in a box identical as the one in Mi 8. Even the sign on the package does not show that we have the Pro version in our hands at the first sight. We can only see it after reading the smaller inscription.

The set is just the same as most other Xiaomi models, which have come to me this year. And so – there is a cable and a charger (with QC3), there are of course some papers, needle for opening the card’s tray and a silicone cover.

There are no earphones – instead we receive a simple adapter from USB-C to a minijack. It has a short, thin cable and it does not match the colour of the phone.

And – as you have already noticed – we discover the first flaw of Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. Just like Mi 8 - it does not have a minijack. Not everyone can be bothered by it – but I am a lot.

On the other hand, I am a huge fan of Mi 8 Pro’s stylization. Making the back wall transparent was a great idea!

It does not matter that what you can see through it is only an imitation – it is eye-catching and you just want to look at the phone. What is more, Xiaomi does not hide the fact that this is a dummy, but it “toys” with the user, placing under the glass interesting dates, notes, or clues about the phone’s specification.

Besides a beautiful back it has a few other interesting details. By looking closer, we can see red accents – around cameras’ lenses, on the power button or inside the USB-C socket. Enough with praising, now it is time for more down-to-earth matters. The housing is stiff, well-made and it provides the vibe of using a high-class product.

Glass panels at the front and at the back are rather resistant to scratches (but I did not try to throw the phone and I do not encourage you to do it), they do not get dirty too much and it is easy to clean them.

Ergonomics is impeccable – everything is where it should be, the device is not too heavy, but we need to hold it tight – it is slick. We need to be careful when putting it on even a slightly leaned surface – it can just slide down.

Elements’ placement on sides is a classical one. Buttons are on the right side, on the left there is a socket for cards. At the top there is only the secondary microphone, at the bottom there is the main one, a USB-C socket and a speaker – with symmetrical grill. The frame is metal, solid, but shiny. If we will make an effort – it can be scratched. Unfortunately, there is another flaw – the smartphone is not waterproof.

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Mateusz Poniecki

Adam Łukowski

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