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Xiaomi 12 Pro

A hot revelation

Xiaomi 12 Pro is the flagship model Xiaomi for the first half of this year. Courtesy of the manufacturer I could use the smartphone for quite a long time, so today I can tell you about it in detail.
Xiaomi 12 Pro - video review
video: via YouTube

Too bad it's not waterproof

The style of the phone invariably suits me very well - it is not an ugly device, with a very practical back that does not get dirty very much, but unfortunately I found out that it is made of glass. If you buy Xiaomi 12 Pro, I recommend that you wear it in the supplied case. I didn't wear it and it ended badly.

When it comes to ergonomics, I have absolutely no objections - even the fingerprint reader is quite comfortable to use, despite the fact that it is under the screen. I would rate it a solid four, maybe even a plus four. I also have no objections to the face recognition or the arrangement of the buttons. However, I was disappointed that the housing is not waterproof. In the flagship for 950/1150 EUR for 8+256 and 12+256 GB respectively, the lack of water resistance is, in my opinion, a big oversight.

Good in the sun and after dark

The AMOLED E5 display is great. It is true that it is so large that not everyone can cover it completely with one hand, and the rounded sides may not be liked by everyone. I liked it especially for its intense, juicy colours and very high brightness. According to the manufacturer's declaration, it reaches a peak of 1,500 rivets. I did not measure it, but I found out how it looks in practice - even in direct sunlight, the phone remains very comfortable to use.

At night, it also doesn't strain your eyesight - all the usual eye protection options are in place. The display also has a high refresh rate - you can choose to automatically adjust from 1 to 120 Hz or set it to a hard. We can also set the screen resolution rigidly, because the 3200x1440 pixels offered by this phone may not always be needed. So it is possible to lower the resolution to Full HD, which will save us the battery.

I have no objections to the display - I could at most say that the company foil gives up very quickly. I also have mixed feelings about the Gorilla Glass Victus that protects the screen - too many phones with this glass have, by some chance, broken. Maybe I'm just unlucky, or maybe this Victus isn't as super hyper as it is painted.

The interface Xiaomi 12 Pro is the well-known MIUI 13 based on Android 12. Xiaomi adds some of its own applications, albeit 99% of them are useful, there is also a large range of personalization, for example with Always On Display - this feature has a whole lot of options. In general, the interface is rich, but also intuitive - even if you have met MIUI before, you will embrace this phone without any problems.

Wretched hot Snapdragon

Unless it's about technical problems. In this respect, the phone works great 99.9% of the time - smooth, fast, efficient... but. Here we come to a certain but that annoyed my copy. I deliberately dragged on the moment of this review to find out if this is a rule or if these are cases, but sometimes this phone just flashed. He would lay out in various strange places - sometimes the settings could crash, sometimes the camera app, sometimes the gallery. Generally, it happened extremely rarely, but it did happen, which in my opinion shouldn't be the case in a flagship for 950 EUR. Hopefully the next updates that the manufacturer will release will fix this problem once and for all.

There is not much to tell about the performance, I will only say one thing - Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, up to a set of 12 GB RAM and 256 internal memory, of course with a twist in the form of the inability to expand this internal memory. If you have already heard about the first-generation Snapdragon 8, you probably will not be surprised by my observations: in benchmarks, the phone rocks, in games, and as a hand heater, it also sweeps.

It can heat up not only with benchmarks, but also with longer playing or recording videos, and when it does heat up, unfortunately you can see and even feel throttling - both on the graphs , and in practice. The slowdown is pretty solid, and even worse, it comes relatively early. The only (slight) consolation may be that once the performance drops, it then stays more or less even - just lower than originally. It could be tolerated... but such behavior is not befitting a flagship.

I remember eleven also had a similar problem, and it looks like they still haven't done anything about it, and I think the producer knows the problem. In fairness, I will add that with normal, not too much processor-intensive use, the phone doesn't heat up or slow down - in fact, most of the time we will not notice problems. But when it matters, you will notice it quite bluntly.

Charged in the blink of an eye

It is much better when it comes to the battery. The first glance does not portend miracles - it has a capacity of 4600 mAh, so as for today's standard, you could even say that it is not enough... but you can charge it with a power of 120 W. Yes, you hear it right - 120 W, plus a large charger . It won't always fit into a tightly packed strip, if we use one, but it will fill this phone in about 20 minutes, and it is also included! You can? You can, and Xiaomi 12 Pro has a big plus for me.

How much does the battery hold? While discussing among the reviewers, I heard very different opinions, not always agreeing with my feelings. In my case, this phone could withstand the whole day without charging, and even if I put a heavy load on recording videos, etc., a moment on the charger was enough to return to 100% - in such a situation, the battery capacity ceases to be a problem. I also did a trial - I started using this phone as a second device, not as a daily driver, and found it took 2.5 days when used occasionally.

What I missed was something that some of my friends in the industry noticed - fast battery drain when idle. Overnight, this battery was able to drop me 1 or 2%, so you can safely say that the phone did not work much at night, while my friends were able to discharge almost to zero overnight. Well, maybe I'm just not using some app they're using. Anyway, I am very pleased with the battery and consider it the strongest point of Xiaomi 12 Pro.

Good sound, but not without flaws

In terms of communication and sound, it is also very cool. Unfortunately, we do not have a mini-jack here, but we do have very decent stereo speakers. Moreover, it is symmetrical - one at the top and the other at the bottom. They sound really good - there is even a little bass, a little sense of stereo, it is loud and clean at the same time.

I would rate the headphone speaker equally well, with one exception - when we are talking, everyone around us can hear quite well what our interlocutor is saying. Too much sound here is leaking out, perhaps through the openings of this overhead multimedia speaker. This is another Xiaomi model where I noticed this problem.

The rest of the communication side of this phone is fine. All communication modules, be it 5G, GPS or Wi-Fi, work flawlessly. Worse with the proximity sensor, which did not always work properly - this is another of the notorious ailments of Xiaomi. There is also no eSIM, but we have an infrared transmitter - the possibility of using Xiaomi 12 Pro as a TV remote control is something I like very much.

Only good cameras

Phone manufacturers like to race in terms of the size of the main cameras. Xiaomi 12 Pro prefers to focus on efficiency - instead of one huge matrix with a three-digit number of megapixels in the accompaniment of miniature casing clogs, we find here three very useful matrices - they have different sizes, which is important, but each of them has a resolution of 50 Mpx.

The main module has optical image stabilization, which helps with poorly lit scenes or with scenes in motion, and overall photos from the main camera look great. The best thing to do is to complain that at very high magnification we will see quite intense sharpening of the image, which manifests itself with artifacts on the edges, but this is an exceptional situation - with normal use it is difficult to find fault with anything.

You cannot complain about night photos either - the Xiaomi 12 Pro night mode works in a very pleasant, very subtle way. It does not make us day after night, but it is nice to pull out what would normally be less visible, and at the same time it suppresses those elements that would overexpose the frame too much. It is really very good.

It's also great for wide-angle shots. Of course, due to the size of the matrix, the dynamics of these photos is a bit smaller, but still the photos are of very good quality and you can also use the wide angle at night. The third camera is such a delicate telephoto lens. It gives you a double zoom, which is not too big, but thanks to it we get very nice portraits, and of course we can tighten the frame a bit without moving from the spot.

It is a pity, however, that they did not give even a threefold approximation - it would be even more practical. When it comes to macro, it's not too bad, although there is no dedicated camera here, and you need to practice a bit to take good macro photos with this phone.

The front camera is basically a standard 32 Mpx unit in this class, unfortunately without autofocus and without the possibility of filming in 4K. This is a bit strange and incomprehensible for me. However, I cannot complain about filming - there are good colours, good sharpness, good sound, even after dark it is completely good.

In the dark, tele and wide-angle lenses will fall out a bit worse, but let's say that you can watch these movies too. Importantly, you can switch between lenses during filming, but we do not do it jumps - there is a slider resembling a digital zoom, switching from the main camera to the telephoto lens and wide-angle in extreme positions. Smooth transition between cameras is of course achieved digitally, so it's better not to leave this slider halfway between the two options.

Xiaomi 12 Pro - sample movies
video: via YouTube

Almost a firecracker!

Xiaomi 12 Pro is almost a firecracker. Why almost? We will start with the positives, i.e. a great display, good performance, good cameras, a nice dynamically made housing and a nice battery with very fast charging. We can also mention a nice, friendly interface and a rich set, because the set includes not only a charger, but even a cover.

What about the minuses? First of all, I would remind Xiaomi's lack of waterproofness - it is a bit weak with the flagship. On the shortcoming side, I would also mention the clear, too strong throttling and clear heating of the casing. I could also complain a little about the lack of a microSD slot. In the case of cameras, well, the front could also have autofocus and could also record in 4K, and the back? Well, however, I would prefer a triple zoom instead of a double. However, this is a kind of grasping a bit, because in general graphically and cinematically it is quite OK.

And the worst thing, in my opinion, is the price - high in my opinion. Therefore, I recommend that you look in the operator offers - if you manage to get this phone cheaper than the manufacturer demands for it, then it won't be a bad purchase. If you buy in free sale, you will probably wait a little longer for the price to drop - more than a month has passed since the premiere, and the price is as it was.

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Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

Adam Łukowski

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