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Vivo V23 5G

For selfie and style fans

One thing's for sure - Vivo V23 5G is a real eye-catcher. But is it worth paying attention to in the long run? After a few weeks of use, it's time to answer this question.
Vivo V23 5G - video review
video: via YouTube

Ultraviolet chameleon

Is it worth buying a smartphone for the sake of appearance? Usually not necessarily, but the new Vivo gives us a convincing argument for this. The sparkling gold casing looks attractive in itself, but it gets really interesting when we shine ultraviolet light on it - the illuminated areas of the phone turn blue.

The details of the appearance of the device depend only on our imagination - in terms of original design, it is hard to find something better. Overall great - the only thing I do not like about the look is a large notch on the front, but you can get used to it.

After a long period of testing, I was relieved that the Vivo V23 5G housing works not only visually. It is also quite durable to the hardships of everyday use, mainly thanks to the metal frame. I haven't been able to scratch or break the back so far, and even the fingerprints aren't very visible there.

The glossy frame also survived unscathed, there are at most some micro-scratches on it, and all this without a cover - which, it is worth mentioning, we have in the set. Unfortunately, the factory-applied foil on the screen is not permanent and I said goodbye to it quite quickly. The screen itself is fine - the glass still looks like new.

Not very cool AMOLED

The display is not as stunning as the casing - it's really decent, but not sensational. It was a bit lacking for revelation, above all it could be brighter and better on sunny days. In strong lighting there is a little lack of brightness, although the automatic control unit is doing well. It is important that it is an AMOLED screen - so we have Always on Display and expressive black.

In terms of color reproduction, it could be a little better, but it's not too bad either. If necessary, the color intensity can be adjusted in the settings, there will also be a dark interface mode and eye protection functions. The screen frequency reaches up to 90 Hz - you can either set it rigidly to 60 or 90, or rely on the automatic mode, which unfortunately sometimes seems to get lost and not switch to higher refresh rates when we would like.

There is also a sub-screen fingerprint reader, which is located in a quite convenient place and works quite well - of course not as well as a classic reader on the switch could, but all in all it did not manage to irritate me terribly. Alternatively, we also have a face recognition system, there is also a double tap to wake the screen or by picking up the phone. There is nothing missing from the display - nothing but reasons to be delighted.

No minijack but with headphones

Similarly with the communication side - none of the communication modules are missing, all of them work without disturbances. The sound quality during calls is good, the phone did not make any problems in places with poor coverage, it collected it quite effectively and there were no problems with broken connections, I did not notice anything disturbing. I would only improve this single multimedia speaker.

It works perfectly well for playing ringtones, but it's better not to even try to play music through them. Vivo makes up for this by adding headphones to the set, in which the sound already sounds quite good ... I think. Unfortunately, I did not test them for a long time, because they did not fit my ears in any way. If you want to look for a more comfortable pair of headphones, just make sure that you can connect them - because like many modern smartphones, Vivo V23 5G missed the minijack socket.

Fortunately, the manufacturer also gave up most of the pre-installed apps - at the beginning we only find a few useful little things, such as an app to optimize/clean the system. The Funtouch 12 interface is generally not that different from regular Android. Among the extras is what to expect - we have a set of personalization options, including the ability to change the entire theme, we have all the popular gestures, a sidebar with shortcuts and a mode for players.

There are very nice widgets, among which I especially liked the one for music control - it is really nice visually and functional. There is even an edge backlight, however little sense it would not be with a flat display. The whole thing works smoothly, stably and smoothly, although of course only the background processes are beaten quite aggressively - as in many Chinese smartphones.

Meaningful performance

Smoothness is provided by the Dimensity 920 - the processor is not stunning, but quite adequate for a mid-range model. It is generally smooth and stable, there is also no tendency to overheat or throttling - I have seen these only in stress tests. In normal situations, the performance is quite adequate, even the games are playable. In addition to a decent processor, we also have a substantial 12 GB RAM, to which we can add 4 GB of virtual memory. Unfortunately, we will not expand the internal memory - we will get 256 GB and no more, because there is no space for a microSD card.

There is a charger for that! This is not always certain, but the Vivo V23 5G has not yet succumbed to the absurdities of minimalism. Charging is not the fastest possible, because it is 44 W, and the medium ones sometimes have 65 W or more, but it's not bad. We can charge the phone halfway in about 20 minutes, and full charge in less than an hour. It is worth noting here that after about 40 minutes we have almost 90% charge - only this tip charges slower.

The battery itself does not stagger with its capacity - it has 4200 mAh and in practice it is enough for one day of work. He will survive two days with difficulty - rather set yourself up for a maximum of one and a half days of operation without having to recharge your phone. Inductive charging is also missing - something that should not be expected from every device, but Vivo V23 5G is not the cheapest in its class, and it has induction-permeable backs, so it's a pity that the manufacturer did not take the opportunity to give us wireless charging.

The unparalleled selfie king

The two biggest advantages of the new Vivo can be seen at first glance - firstly, a fancy housing, and secondly, a set of selfie cameras. This is another unusual feature of this phone - instead of one camera in the front we have two, 50 mpx main and 8 Mpx wide-angle. If you like selfies, you'd better miss. In addition to the two lenses, there are also hidden illuminating diodes on the front, and at the same time the face can also be brightened with a flare of the display.

With all this set, you can take selfies even in total darkness. Our skin tone may not be particularly natural then, but at least we will be visible, plus what is directly behind us. You can try to correct any color deficiencies with a filter - and, as you can guess, we have a lot to choose from. Among the various effects, blurring the background deserves special attention - it works great, which is rare with selfie cameras. No wonder - other smartphones only have one lens on the front!

In addition, the selfie camera offers us digital beautification, but I can't say that I liked it. Its options are terribly extensive and it's hard to find the golden mean, and when we overdo this beautification, the photo will come out unnaturally, to put it mildly. So you may have to experiment a lot to get the most out of the Vivo V23's front camera. Once you figure it out, you might achieve some really cool results, but I am absolutely immune to beautification.

Beautiful in front, medium in back

On the front we have a revelation, and on the back we have a medium standard: 64 Mpx main matrix, 8 Mpx wide-angle camera with a field of view of 120 degrees and a third... guess what? Exactly - 2 Mpx to macro. The same as in countless other phones, so I won't say anything new about it - it's there and it works somehow.

The photos with the other two cameras look really cool, especially during the day. Importantly, the photos taken with the main and wide-angle lens have relatively similar color reproduction. There is a difference - photos with a wide-angle camera will have slightly less intense colors and, of course, less sharpness. However, there is nothing to complain about until it gets dark.

It's also decent then, especially when the night mode comes to our rescue, but I thought it would be a little better. Similarly with filming - there are no delights, no dramas. The lack of optical stabilization is a bit annoying, and the sound could also be a bit better. Overall, however, the set is quite adequate for its price range.

Vivo V23 5G - sample movies
video: via YouTube

Smartphone for the chosen

Vivo V23 5G costs 500 EUR. Is it worth it? I honestly admit that it is not easy for me to evaluate it. The fact that at this price you will find phones with higher performance, maybe even with a better camera, probably with a better display, with faster charging, with a larger battery and so on, but none of these elements is a major asset Vivo V23 5G.

Among its advantages, in the first place is a style that a flagship would not be ashamed of. For those who pay attention to the appearance, such a design may be worth 500 EUR regardless of other parameters. This phone is also unmatched for selfie fans - two lenses, great illumination and a wealth of beautification options will guarantee that you will not be disappointed in this matter.

If, however, you are just looking for a typical mid-range smartphone - quite efficient, with a fairly good display, battery and photos, then Vivo V23 5G also not too much will fail, but you will have many other attractive options to choose from.

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Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

Adam Łukowski

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