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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Dual SIM

A worthy successor to Galaxy Note

Ultra is in many ways a show of Samsung's technological capabilities, and at the same time one of the coolest flagships that we will have on the market this year.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra looks significantly different from its brothers, S22 and S22+. This is of course because it is a model equipped with a stylus and replacing the Galaxy Note model in the Samsung range. So we will see a lot of similarities to this series - S22 Ultra is more angular, with a classic line.

When I saw it for the first time, I had doubts, but having the opportunity to interact with the new Samsung live, I changed my mind - but I quite like it. It looks nice, especially in bolder colour variants - the red version looks much more interesting than the typical black one. I also like the combination of flat top and bottom panels with rounded sides.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - video review
video: YouTube

The smartphone, despite its dimensions, is good in hand and held well. The matte back gets a little dirty, but definitely less than glossy. From what I noticed, it is also rather resistant to scratches, just like the front - after all, it is protected by Victus glass. I've been using this phone for well over a month and you don't see any signs of wear, so when it comes to durability and the stiffness of the casing, it's just great. It is worth adding that the phone is completely waterproof. Overall, the design fully deserves my appreciation.

Great screen

The Galaxy S22 Ultra screen is just a fairy tale. Refreshing up to 122 Hz, and not only in FullHD+ resolution, but also in 2K. 1550 nits of brightness in practice translated into excellent screen visibility, even under a bright cloudless sky in the snow. So if you are looking for a smartphone that will work perfectly on sunny days with very strong lighting, this is the one.

As befits a dream screen, we also have great colour reproduction thanks to AMOLED technology with LTPO 2. In short, this is one of the best displays I have seen in my life, and at the moment I do not see a smartphone on the market that could even try to compete with it . In addition, the screen works with the stylus hidden in the smartphone housing - so we have the best of Galaxy Note and Galaxy S.

Poor sensor under great screen

Unfortunately, the charm broke whenever I used the under-screen fingerprint reader. I do not know what they did wrong here, but this reader did not want to cooperate with my fingers. Sometimes it unlocked the first time, and sometimes I had to put my finger on it two or three times and it was still not crazy. Alternatively, you can use facial recognition, which works much better and faster in my case.

Good communication without spam

On the communication side, everything is fine: the sound during the calls is extra, I did not notice any problems with the operation of any of the communication modules, even in less favorable conditions - everything was at the highest level. There is something else that I probably did not mention before when testing Samsung, and which for some may be worth attention - the dialer has a pre-installed application that recognizes unwanted calls from potential spammers and warns us on the screen, with the possibility of immediate blocking them.

When it comes to music, we have stereo speakers of course, but they sound... not necessarily flagship. They are decent, but not great, and in my opinion, everything should be ultra in this smartphone. It is a pity that the (traditionally) minijack is missing, but overall the communication side of this phone has few disadvantages.

Lots of features, lots of apps

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra interface is One UI version 4.1. In my opinion, this is a great interface, very nicely adapted to smartphones with a slightly larger screen: in most cases there is a clear division into the information part at the top and the work part at the bottom of the screen, just where you can reach with your thumb. There was a wealth of pre-installed apps - not only the Google package, but also the Microsoft, as well as several Samsung's own apps that we can use instead of those from Google. Certainly, there is a lot to choose from, and there is also something to remove - but after devoting a bit of work, this interface will give us a lot of satisfaction and a great convenience of using the smartphone.

The presence of a stylus comes with a whole host of additional options. Handwriting recognition works very well, we can, for example, manually enter messages and e-mails. We can also take notes on the locked screen, draw annotations on screenshots, and of course use the stylus instead of the finger to operate the interface.

In addition, the stylus also supports gestures in the air - this way we can, for example, trigger a shutter when taking a selfie. The stylus has a very low delay, writing and drawing with its help really feels natural. The only drawback is that the curvature of the edges of the screen slightly limits the working surface - when drawing on the edge there is a high risk that the stylus will slide to the side.

As befits the new Samsung, we also have the DeX mode that allows you to turn your smartphone into a minicomputer. Other noteworthy features include the "connect to Windows" option, a shortcut side panel and the Knox security suite. The side button can be assigned an additional action, such as turning on the flashlight or the camera with a double click.

Good Exynos isn't bad

You may not like the fact that the new Samsung is powered by the Exynos processor, but I was completely satisfied. The latest Exynos 2200 is to be the equivalent of the top Snapdragon, and in my opinion it is. The phone is fabulously fluid, fabulously efficient, it scored almost 1000 points in AnTuTu - no crap. Is it warming up? A bit like that, but this year I have already tested much hotter smartphones - this one, in my opinion, is within the limits of decency.

Throttling is, but also not particularly scary. We see it primarily in the benchmark, because when playing it will be rather difficult to see it. The same with the warm-up - when I was playing it was much less noticeable than during the benchmark. I don't know to what extent it was the effect of this infamous performance optimizer, but I am sure of one thing - even the most demanding user will be satisfied with the performance of this smartphone and the end is over. RAM can be 8 or 12 GB, and the internal memory is available in four variants - from 128 to 1000 GB. It's certainly not enough, but I still miss a microSD card slot.

Really? No charger?

I will not speak so warmly about the battery. It is true that there is a large battery, because 5000 mAh, which is the current standard, but despite its capacity, it is not enough for long. In a smartphone as demanding as Galaxy S22 Ultra, the working day is standard. Perhaps it is not an absolute maximum - after a long use, I have the impression that the phone "learned" my habits a bit and was charging slower at night, faster during the day, as a result of which it could withstand even two days without charging. However, this was not the norm - most likely your battery will last for a day, with a bit of luck for two. Don't count on any more.

I will add that there is induction charging and reverse charging, but here one thing has been screwed up again - if you want to recharge, for example, a smartwatch or headphones, we cannot simultaneously charge our smartphone with the charger cable. In the past, you could charge one smartphone at the same time, or headphones, or a smartwatch, or even a second smartphone, because sometimes I was doing it anyway. Now, unfortunately, you can not, that is, by charging anything with this smartphone, we discharge its battery. We no longer have the option of maintaining a constant level of charge with the charger. It is possible that the device was heating up. It is possible that this feature has been eliminated to make the battery last longer. Nevertheless, it had a negative impact on the practicality of the device.

We can charge the phone quite quickly, with 45W power - if we have something. It turns out that Samsung skeptical of the chargers... a phone for a good PLN 5,000 without a charger in the set - what an absurdity.

Photos from the top shelf

In the Ultra models we got used to the fact that we get a cool camera, and so it is this time. We have a 108 Mpx main matrix here, with a 1.8 light lens and laser autofocus, phase detection and optical image stabilization. Another camera is a wide angle - 12 Mpx with an aperture of 2.2 and digital stabilization in this case. Then we have two telephoto lenses: one classic and the other periscope, both with 10 Mpx sensors. The periscope has an aperture with a large 4.9 focal length, but it gives a tenfold lossless zoom and stabilization. The second, classic lens, has an aperture of 2.4 and gives you a 3x approximation, useful even up to portraits.

I won't be surprised if I say that photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are amazing. The main camera provides great photos during the day and very, very good photos at night, you do not even need to turn on the night mode, although of course it is here in the software. We even have a separate AI sensing mode for photographing the moon.

Sometimes it is also worth using the wide-angle camera, which is also excellent here. First of all, it shows colours no worse than the main camera - if we cut out a fragment of the photo, it will be difficult to know which camera was taken. At least in terms of colour reproduction, because the reproduction of details will necessarily be a bit different. Equally important, this camera does not significantly deteriorate the quality of reproduction of details at the edges of the frame - this is characteristic of wide-angle lenses, but here this effect is relatively unnoticeable.

Cosmic zoom makes sense

And telephoto lenses? Well, the one with the highest zoom is not necessarily suitable for photos in the dark, because you know, here the aperture does its job, while the intermediate one is quite OK, basically in all conditions. Periscope, however, is also doing quite well - I can see a really mega progress compared to the first Space Zoom that Samsung offered two years ago. There was no madness there, it was just a hoax.

Now, even with the maximum 100x zoom, you can take a picture where you can see something. Still, of course, we can see that it is digitally generated, there are not too many details there, but there is enough for the photos to be useful under certain conditions - if only to see how many people are standing at the top of the mountain and count them. We will not recognize the face in such a photo, but the silhouette of it.

The front lens is also doing very well. Importantly, he very rarely burns out the background - this is not often the case with a selfie camera. Here, this effect is relatively unobtrusive. What can I complain about? First of all, for blurring the background. It is not always perfect with both the front and rear cameras. We have a lot of different effects at our disposal, but sometimes both cameras seem to get lost - whether it is because the background is too complicated or because the subject's hairstyle is too complicated. Other phones also have it, but to tell you the truth, I was expecting a bit of progress in this matter. I'm not really happy with the macro photos either. Somehow it did not work out.

In terms of video recording, it is also great. We can record even in 8k - I don't know what for, but we can - while in lower resolutions we have the option of tracking the object, we have great stabilization, the ability to switch between lenses without interrupting the recording, including, of course, the ability to switch to the front camera, for example for vlogging . We have great colours, great sound, great smoothness of the image. The only thing that I would not recommend is recording with a periscope/telephoto camera in lower lighting. Inevitably, due to this 4.9 aperture, the bowel will come out.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Sample Videos
video: YouTube

A flagship worth a high price

Time for a summary - you probably already guessed that I recommend this smartphone without any major reservations. Of course, I have some reservations, but the overall image of the device is positive in my eyes. Wanting to spend a monstrous amount on a smartphone, I wonder - should I choose Galaxy S22 Ultra because of the camera, or stay with Galaxy Z Fold because of the large display. It's a tough decision, and I think someone who wants to put 1200 or more euros on a Samsung smartphone will have a similar dilemma.

Coming back to the reviewed phone... in the Galaxy S22 Ultra model, I undoubtedly liked the design, the water resistance of the housing and general durability should also be praised, I also have no complaints about the interface and smooth operation of this phone. The display amazed me in all respects, photos and videos are also top shelf, although I'm not entirely satisfied with the macro and background blurring. The disadvantages include a faulty fingerprint reader under the screen - this one, unfortunately, fails very often, especially in frost at lower temperatures, or when our hands are wet. The speakers could also be better, but let's say they are enough. It's a pity that there is no minijack slot or space for a microSD card. I was not particularly satisfied with the battery performance, but here I understand that it is a really cool smartphone, and inserting a larger battery would increase the weight and perhaps the dimensions of the housing. So it can be understood, and it is not dramatic anyway. However, it is impossible to understand the lack of a charger - with a phone for 70 EUR, omitting it would be an understandable saving, but in the case of a phone for over 1200 EUR, it is mere stinginess.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best flagships of this year and although we only have March, I will already risk saying that this smartphone will remain on my personal podium of the top three devices until the end of the year. And you - if you can only afford it, which I sincerely wish you - buy it yourself.

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Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

Adam Łukowski

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