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Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500FN

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The big problems is internal storage and battery... after the 2 years the battery will work only for 2 hrs ... if we r install more the 3 app the storage will full
*.158.166.225  |  23 Jun 2018, 15:48
I have this phone for a month and I have been using it since I switched from one of Sony’s flagships and I must admit that for this price it is perfect! :D
- display (great colours and viewability angles)
- battery (when working with a limited Internet browsing it will withstand at least one day, without it will last over a day)
- components (for a standard set in this price shelf it works great thanks to the newest version of Android Lollipop)
- craftsmanship (despite all this plastic the phone is comfortable to be hold and it does not get scratched easily, it does not creaks as well)

- the system is slimmed down too much (it does not even have a Samsung music player app, we only have Play Music from Google)
*  |  19 Mar 2016, 23:47
I have this phone for three months and the only complaints towards it is the camera’s sensitivity to movement and bad lightning. With a good lightning and a steady hand it takes wonderful photos, but capturing a moving child is a miracle. It records fantastic videos. Basically it works fast, without any lags or hanging up. The LTE Internet is fast even in the hotspot function.
Visually it is neutral. Personally I like it, because it is not overcomplicated. This is an elegant smartphone.
To sum up, this is a phone definitely worthy of your attention.
*  |  16 Mar 2016, 18:29
Hello, I have this phone since the 24th of December 2015 and I must say that this is one of the best phones of the medium class. And now advantages and disadvantages:
+Super AMOLED display
+2600 mAh battery
+efficient CPU
+and many more but I do not want to write that much
-no music player, but we can download one for free
-the back is slick, but I am using a bumper, so I cannot complain

Advice for buyers: buy a cover or a bumper
*  |  20 Feb 2016, 20:13
I have the black one. I will review it adequately to its price, which is around 130 - 140 quids. We cannot feel that the housing is made out of plastic, it does not creak, it is in a form of a monolith. The back plastic panel acts better than in, for example, S5 mini that I had. The display and the camera are brilliant. Speakers and the microphone are good and ergonomics of side buttons is very good. The home button is too hard to be pressed (in the A series it is easier to press it, not mentioning the S series). The battery is not that bad, it lasts three days. There are basically no widgets and preinstalled apps, basically only one desktop, it limits the possibility of personalization. The network coverage is good, better than in the A series. The range and the speed of the Wi-Fi and the GPS is without any complaints. There is low internal memory – less than 4GB for our own files. Please notice that it is more comfortable to hold than A3/A5, they only looked nice but holding them against our ears was almost impossible… that is why I sold my A3…
And now disadvantages, simply a big mistake:
- no backlight of navigation buttons – this is a trivial thing, because of the battery no one uses the constant backlight, so we press the back button intuitively
- no lightning sensor (instead of that we have a useless front LED flash) and we must regulate the brightness on our own, this is not a big disadvantage because usually sensors work in phases and annoy me with its delay
- on the contacts list there is no bar on the side with letter shortcuts! If you have hundreds of contacts you need to swipe the display for so long that it would be faster to simply go on foot to your interlocutor – they have ruined what seemed like a completely good phone.
Despite these disadvantages I like it and it is a mystery to me.
*  |  18 Feb 2016, 23:03

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