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Samsung Galaxy A53 Dual SIM

Will it repeat the success of its predecessor?

Samsung Galaxy A53 is, as you probably guessed, the successor to us the popular Galaxy A52. That one was a hit because it was cheap and cool. And is Galaxy A53 inexpensive and cool? It's time to find out.
- video review
video: via YouTube

A minimalist set

The first impression wasn’t the best - Samsung Galaxy A53 came to me in a small box which, apart from the smartphone itself, contained only some papers and a cable USB. When I saw that Samsung refused this medium charger, I felt a bit tempted to test... but the duty calls.

The case itself is made of plastic, and although some people would prefer a smartphone with a glass back, I prefer the solution used in this model. Plastic not only allows the coolly shaped camera frame visible here, but also makes the smartphone lighter and will not break so easily.

In Galaxy A53 the back and frame are plastic, and on the front we have an Infinity-O screen, i.e. with a relatively small hole for a selfie camera . The whole thing looks pretty cool, but it's also waterproof! The downside is the lack of a minijack.

A screen worth the money

The display, on the other hand, is definitely a plus - it lacks a bit of flagships, but for the middle class it is very nice. It is not the highest brightness that we can meet on the market, because according to the manufacturer it reaches 800 nits, but on a sunny day this phone is easy to use, and at night it does not tire your eyesight. We have an automatic and, in addition, a well-functioning brightness adjustment, we have a dark interface mode, we have the possibility of grading colour saturation, eye protection, etc. - everything is here, nothing is missing.

As befits for a middle shelf, we have quite a wide chin under the screen, and the other frames are not the narrowest. We have a 120 Hz image refresh rate! High fluidity is noticeable, for example, when scrolling pages. The only limitation is that we only have two options - either high refresh or standard.

There is no automation and there is nothing in between. Probably, however, for most users it will not be annoying - everyone will set 120 Hz for good morning and it will stay that way. Overall, I am satisfied with the display.

The apps can come in handy

The interface will be One UI 4.1 with all its benefits, which means, among other things, a large number of pre-installed applications - but not junk, but quite useful. The interface also offers quite a wide range of personalization options, gesture support and a retractable side panel with shortcuts.

Overall, the interface is clean, functional and polished. It is simple, practical, comfortable, but not poor. It is worth noting that the manufacturer offers up to four years of support, and we will receive security fixes for five years. So when it comes to updating Galaxy A53 5G, it won't let us down.

Security will also be provided by a fingerprint reader... unfortunately, the reader here is of the kind I don't like and won't like - hidden under the screen. Even good underscreen readers are inherently slower than good classic readers, and the one in Galaxy A53 isn’t the best underscreen reader.

It works a bit too slow and too unreliable for my liking. As a consolation, we have facial recognition, which is already quite reliable, but I wouldn’t call it the fastest either. It could have been better.

Slow and steady

In terms of performance, it's not bad. The fact that it isn’t a speed demon, even for its price range. If you want to play demanding games, for about 360 EUR you will probably find something better, but in everyday use this phone is unlikely to irritate you. It's not the smoothest, sometimes it gets a slight clipping, but overall it's not too bad.

It's also good that Galaxy A53 warms up little and performance doesn't deteriorate noticeably with rising temperatures - throttling even in benchmarks is almost invisible. This is an advantage typical of cheaper smartphones, as well as an element that I often complain about lacking - a microSD card slot that allows you to expand the space for files. There is a hybrid socket here, so we have to choose between microSD and Dual SIM, but you can appreciate that this option is here.

Unqualified voice and connectivity

Similarly with stereo speakers - good that they are. They are unbalanced, because one is at the bottom of the casing, and the other is just the headphone one, but they sound quite nice. These are not the best speakers I have heard in the middle class, but they are also not the worst, so we have a decent substitute for stereo when watching movies and playing games... or listening to music, although I don’t recommend the latter for any smartphone.

The quality of the connections itself is really excellent and here we can safely talk about the flagship level. No problem with sound, no searching or keeping range. Navigation, Bluetooth and NFC payment work well.

Photos? Depends on what and when

Samsung Galaxy A53 has four rear cameras - the main 64 Mpx with optical image stabilization, 12 Mpx wide-angle with a fairly wide field of view, because 123 st., 5 Mpx macro camera (compared to typical 2 Mpx macro cameras is something!) and another 5 Mpx for blurring the background on portrait shots. At the front we have standard 32 Mpx mediums.

When it comes to day photography, I wasn’t disappointed. Both cameras are doing very well - they give me what I like, i.e. strong, well-saturated colours. Both the selfie camera and the main camera will work in virtually any weather - they do not make us grey on a cloudy day, they don’t burn through the image on a sunny day.

Unfortunately, I can't help but get the impression that this time around you can see a significant difference between the photos from the main camera and the wide-angle camera. Already in the daytime, in wide-angle photos, we can notice worse colour saturation and worse their reproduction. We will also notice a decrease in the quality of detail reproduction, visible especially at the edges of the frame. It is clearly visible - even on the basis of a small fragment we can easily distinguish which photo was taken with which lens.

After dark, the difference is even more vivid. In general, I advise against taking a wide angle after the night - it's better to just move away a little from the subject and take a photo with the main camera. However, the photos from the basic camera are decent, thanks to the optical image stabilization, among other things, there is of course also the night mode. In this respect, it is a good mid-range level and nothing to complain about. Selfies in the dark can also be done, but don't count on much. During the day, the selfies are the most successful, portraits and macro shots will also be successful.

The same applies to filming - during the day the quality of movies is great, at night a bit weaker, but not with a wide angle. The cool thing is that we can switch between lenses without interrupting the recording, but also in the film we will notice a quality difference between one lens and the other. When the shot is quite dynamic, we will also notice a bit nervous effect of optical stabilization - its effect will be visible in the form of such gentle swimming. This is not a unique feature for this phone, nor is it particularly annoying, but here it is quite clearly visible.

- sample movies
video: via YouTube

Good battery, worse with charging

Galaxy A53 uses a battery with a capacity that is currently typical of medium-sized 5000 mAh. It is fine, but I remind you that there is no charger in the box with the phone. You have to arrange the charger yourself, fortunately it will not be too expensive, because this smartphone charges with only 25 W. Is it possible that Samsung cares so much about the condition of the batteries, anticipating the long use of their smartphones?

Perhaps, for me, 25 W charging in a medium for 360 EUR, in addition, without a charger included, is quite poor. Fortunately, the performance of the battery is not so weak - this phone is able to work for two days without any problems, and with more intensive use, it will work around the clock. In principle, you can be sure of that. So I do not complain about the battery, but I won’t praise it terribly.

Newer, but better?

So how do I finally evaluate the Samsung Galaxy A53? If I had to stick to the school grading scale, it would be a mid-range smartphone for four. Okay, maybe a four plus. What bothers me the most about this phone is that it is not much better than the previous model, which can now be bought for just over 300 EUR, which is much, much cheaper.

Yes, you shorten the support in this way (remember, four years of support with system updates, five years of security patches), but if you plan to use your smartphone for no more than three years, you will not feel this difference too much, and you will save a lot on buying the older model. However, if you get a promotion, or Galaxy A53 will be offered to you at a good price by the operator, it will not be a bad choice.

Galaxy A53 5G looks cool, it is waterproof and you can use a microSD card in it. It has a very nice display, it takes good photos during the day and nice at night, it is not worse with movies. It also has a nice battery, stereo speakers, and as a communication tool it does well. What did I not like about it? First of all, there is no charger in the set and the fact that it charges relatively slowly, with a power of only 25 W.

In terms of performance, it could also be a bit better - its performance is probably even worse than its predecessor, which already looks a bit strange. I invariably complain about the lack of a minijack, and others may be disturbed by the lack of a premium-style housing. There is also a price at which Galaxy A53 5G debuted - I would not call it a bargain. But remember, there are promotions, and in promotion you can think about it more.

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Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

Adam Łukowski

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