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Realme GT Master

Smartphone like a suitcase

realme GT Master Edition

realme GT Master Edition
realme GT Master Edition is a slightly cheaper alternative to the model launched in early summer 2021 realme GT. The smartphone is eye-catching, but is it as tasty as its more expensive cousin? I invite you for the review of realme GT.Jump to:
realme GT Master Edition - video review
video: GSMchoice via YouTube

What does realme GT Master Edition look like?

realme GT Master Edition is offered in three colour variations. For lovers of the classics, the Luna White and Cosmos Black variants have been prepared, but the Voyager Gray variant, covered with vegan leather on the back, makes the greatest impression. It is signed by Naoto Fukusawa - a Japanese designer dealing with industrial design, who in this case was inspired by the appearance of popular travel suitcases. It turned out very effectively and at the same time practical.

This version - which I tested and which you can see in most of the photos - not only looks extraordinary, but also works great in everyday use. It is resistant to scratches or falls, and in addition - a matte structure with embossing provides a perfect grip. It is a pity that the smartphone isn't waterproof, and the AGC DTstar glass, which covers the screen, isn't a master of scratch resistance. It is true that it won't get scratched just by looking at it, but you can already see some traces of use on my copy, although I don't treat it brutally. When you buy it, the screen is protected by foil, but it is extremely non-durable. I had to take it off after 3-4 days.

The back of the phone - paradoxically - receives excellent protection from the manufacturer. The set includes a decent silicone cover, matching the style of the device. Speaking of the set, I would like to add that we will also find a USB cable and a large 65W charger. Bravo! I have absolutely no objections to the quality of assembly, materials or aesthetics of the device itself, set or packaging. I would like to add that the device is slim, light and quite handy.

Does realme GT Master Edition have a good screen?

A test copy of the realme GT Master Edition got to me while on vacation, and the aura happily allowed me to check the display under "combat conditions" - that is, on sunny the beach. After removing the poor protective foil, the display delighted me with its readability. The manufacturer declares a maximum brightness of 1000 nits - and I can tell you that on sunny days you can use this phone really comfortably.

The display also enjoys juicy colours and a high refresh rate (120 Hz), and its glass is not excessively susceptible to dirt. We have excellent sharpness and smoothness of the image, we also have the ability to adjust the balance and colour temperature to our preferences. There was also an eye protection mode or a dark interface - but now it is standard. Only HDR support was lacking, but nevertheless, GT Master Edition scree I rate highly - especially since we are dealing with a mid-range smartphone.

How does the face reader and recognition work?

In short: very good! The fingerprint reader sits below the screen and works surprisingly well. The number of misreadings is rare and the speed of fingerprint recognition is good. The only thing I can complain about as the owner of larger hands is the location of the reader quite close to the bottom edge of the screen. For me - it could be a bit higher. Maybe you just need to get used to it, just like the fact that the volume buttons are located on the opposite side of the housing, as the switch...? I also complain about this, because sometimes I accidentally mute the ringer when locking the device. However, I don't complain about the face recognition system. It works quickly, and in the dark it is possible to illuminate the face with the phone screen.

What is the performance of realme GT Master Edition?

realme GT Master Edition uses the near-flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor. In addition, it can have 6 or 8 GB of LPDDR4X memory and 128 or 256 GB of UFS Flash memory 2.2, unfortunately, not expandable with a microSD card. As you can see, "no shame", which is confirmed by the benchmark results. The smartphone really enjoys smooth operation and allows you to play even slightly more demanding games without sacrifice. Importantly, the device doesn't tend to overheat. Even a few "stress-test" sessions didn't show an exaggerated increase in temperature, or a decrease in productivity associated with an increase in temperature.

Even when playing on a sunny beach, I didn't feel any discomfort related to the heating of the housing. The warmth didn't exceed the comfort limit - so I think that the performance of the phone and its cooling system don't give reasons to complain. Traditionally, I will complain about the limited lack of a microSD slot for data storage. At the beginning, in the stronger version (which I recommend buying), we have about 230 GB. When choosing the cheaper 6+128 GB variant, you have to take into account lower performance and less data space. It is probably not worth saving here.

What interface does realme GT Master Edition have?

Realme GT Master Edition features Android 11 with realme UI. This overlay is relatively light, although the manufacturer retrofits the phone with several pre-installed applications. Fortunately, they can be removed, although some - such as SoLoop for video editing, are worth leaving. The interface has a flat mode, as well as a dark version that may appear only for the night, for example. We can modify the size or type of icons, we can also personalize animations, etc. In other words - we have some additional options, but at the same time we will not feel "overloaded" of the interface with unnecessary elements. The interface proposed by realme is simple, to the point and tidy - I'm not complaining.

Sound, communication, communication - that is everyday life

I don't complain about the communication capabilities and sound quality in realme GT Master Edition. The smartphone supports the 5G networks that function in our country and copes quite well with searching for coverage in troublesome places. The sound quality of the earpiece is correct, as is the sound of the "external" speaker. It does it - although unfortunately there is only one.

As a consolation, instead of a second loudspeaker, the manufacturer has installed a minijack socket, so we can easily choose some decent headphones for the smartphone. The interface features a Real Sound solution that includes three predefined sound equalization settings and the option of automatically selecting the optimal sound, but there is no FM radio.

How long does the realme GT Master Edition battery last?

In terms of battery performance, realme GT Master Edition is typical of the mid-range shelf. Used relatively economically - it is able to work for two days without recharging, tortured at full speed - it should be tightened from morning to evening. An hour of playing the "strong" title, with the maximum brightness of the screen and in a fairly average 5G range, means a loss of about 10% of energy. Watching YT in a similar situation is a decrease of 5-6%. It is quite good, and this isn't the end of the positives.

Using a fairly sizeable charger (sometimes not fitting into tightly enclosed sockets), it allows you to recharge an almost empty battery in half an hour. After a quarter of an hour, we have almost 60% charge, but then the filling rate slows down a bit - but it is still faster than many medium-tier competitors. And just like in many other mediums, in realme GT Master Edition we will not use wireless charging...

What kind of photos and videos does realme GT Master Edition take?

Pictures taken by realme GT Master Edition aren't something to complain about. The camera works well in most scenarios, offering sharp, well-lit (sometimes too well...) photos. The colours are reflected correctly, the autofocus works quickly and accurately, and if necessary, you can use HDR, which usually produces good results.

The wide-angle camera is slightly behind the main possibilities - especially at night - but in turn allows you to cover a much wider plan without excessive deformation of the image geometry. On the "other side" - it is worse. We only have the digital zoom which remains usable up to the 2x range. Further on it is worse, and at the maximum (20x) - even tragic.

Macro shots are also a bit worse - but it can be concluded that their quality is within the norm for mid-range smartphones. Surprisingly good (although I don't say that it is perfect) are night photos, especially those taken in a dedicated mode. They are not at the flagship level, but for an average phone they are really decent. It's also hard to complain about portrait photography, just like the selfie camera, in which I really liked the automatically switching on HDR, which allows you to capture the details of a more lit background.

In the simple and clear camera interface we find a novelty: the city photography mode. We have the option of using four "focal lengths" - instead of simply switching between zooming. I admit that apart from the "zoom" marking, I did not notice the difference between the photos taken in this mode and in a pure machine using AI... And since I mentioned artificial intelligence, I suggest you turn it on permanently. It will color the reality a bit - but in a nice, non-intrusive way.

Interestingly, the AI also works while filming, but the effects it is working on are more subtle. Speaking of movies, their quality is rather average. We have effective digital stabilization and even a professional mode. The sound is recorded properly, but the sharpness and smoothness of the image could be better.

realme GT Master Edition - sample videos
video: via YouTube

I also complain about the inability to switch to the wide-angle lens during filming. When recording - we only have digital zoom, and if we want to cover a wider plan - we have to go to the wide angle before we start recording.

Is the realme GT Master Edition worth buying?

realme GT Master Edition can be purchased in the 6+128GB version for $ 399, but better to add and buy the 8+256GB variant , for $ 449. The difference is big, but you will get higher performance and more space for files - remember that the memory cannot be enlarged. The realme GT Master Edition also lacks water resistance and wireless charging - but that's the end of the shortcomings.

The rest - just happy. realme GT Master Edition offers an excellent display, decent photo quality and quite good - and most importantly - stable - performance. It also has NFC, a minijack, and above all - it quickly charges its battery, which, however, does not have an excessively large capacity. In addition, the smartphone is handy, and in the version signed by Naoto Fukusawa it is very original, and at the same time practical. It's a smartphone that I can't advise against buying - unless you really want a flagship processor: then you have to add a little more to realme GT - but a similar price variant is available with 128 GB memory...


  • original case from Naoto Fukusawa
  • AMOLED 120Hz bright screen
  • decent performance, good cooling
  • fast and error-free biometric security
  • minijack socket
  • fast loading
  • 65W SuperDART charger and pouch included


  • no OIS and telephoto
  • no memory card support
  • no wireless charging
  • no dust- and water resistance
  • very average video quality

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Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

Adam Łukowski

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