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Realme GT 2 Pro

Naoto Fukusawa is back!

Here is Realme GT 2 Pro. Courtesy of the producer, I was able to try it out before the launch, so don't hesitate - it's time for a review!
Realme GT 2 Pro - video review
video: YouTube

Kit and styling

In the package, we will enjoy the sight of a silicone cover and a fast charger, but the phone attracts the most attention. As the rear panel proudly announces, Naoto Fukusawa is responsible for its appearance - the same who has previously designed smartphones for Realme inspired by, for example, onions or a suitcase. In this case, the source of inspiration was paper, and indeed, the texture of the back cover reminds me of handmade paper, such as you would see in a museum in Duszniki-Zdrój.

It is important, however, that the casing will not be easily scratched, let alone break... because, however extravagant it may look, it is still plastic. Nevertheless, the housing is pleasant to the touch, comfortable to hold, and overall a pleasant experience. At the front we have an impressive screen protected by Victus glass, a discreet hole for a selfie camera and a narrow bezel.

The only thing I can stick to is the camera frame - as always, it sticks out, and it is a bit similar to earlier models, such as One Plus. It was also not waterproof. Nevertheless, the overall practicality of the case is really high, and my assessment cannot be anything but positive.

Literally: Super AMOLED

Display - how can you not be delighted? We have Super AMOLED provided by Samsung, high resolution 2K, as well as no less high refresh rate of 120 Hz. Both the resolution and the refresh rate can be lowered to conserve battery power, and the frequency can be set to be both fixed and automatically adjusted.

There were all the options related to adjusting the display to our preferences - we can adjust the colour balance, we have automatic and well-functioning brightness adjustment, there is also eye protection and the dark mode of the interface. Everything is in the best order, and the display itself works great, both at night and on a bright, sunny day. It is really impossible to say a bad word about this screen.

Efficient, but not without deficiencies

I would not say a bad word about the performance of this smartphone, which has the most powerful Snapdragon currently in it. We have 12 GB of RAM, to which we can virtually add 7 GB, and with all this, the new Realme should run wild. Well, it's humming, but when we push it all to solid, hard work, the throttling becomes clear and the housing temperature can go up to 50 degrees - the perfect hand heater for winter.

However, I must honestly admit - in everyday, ordinary use or playing typical games, this phone does not heat up too much and you do not see any drastic drops in performance. We can see these in benchmark stress tests, but they should be mentioned. I must also mention the inability to expand the internal memory. We have 256 GB, which in practice leaves us with over 220 GB at our disposal. It's a lot, but if you start recording videos in 8K, don't be surprised when you suddenly run out.

Meaningful interface and connectivity

Realme's proprietary interface is pretty cool, because it's quite simple, and it's not overloaded with unnecessary frills. There are a few redundant apps, but they can be removed quickly and easily. You know, it would be better not to have them at all, but that's the way it is. It is also worth mentioning a fairly wide range of personalization possibilities, allowing us to tune the graphics on the screen to our needs and preferences. We can use the interface in flat or tray mode, in light or dark mode... everyone will find something for themselves. The general layout of the entire menu is just plain, no surprises await us.

Nothing unexpected awaits us also on the communication and sound side of this device. As for the operation of the communication modules, everything is fine. There is no notification LED, but it is much more useful and functional Always on Display, so don't regret it. The sound is also quite correct, but you have to use either a USB-C adapter or wireless headphones, because unfortunately the minijack is not available.

There were also stereo speakers, but it is not a full, even stereo - we have one speaker at the bottom and the other is the headphone for telephone calls. The impression of stereo is a bit distorted, but it is not that bad. After all, when playing a game or movie soundtrack, it's always better to have one speaker instead of one.

The battery works

High resolution and screen refreshing, an efficient processor and a decent photographic set pose a considerable challenge to the battery - but this one can meet it. Realme GT 2 Pro has a 5000mAh battery , plus 67W fast charging via a giant charger that heats up a bit when in use, but something too something. Despite its power-consuming components, this smartphone is able to work for two days, although I would stick to the fact that daily recharging of this battery should be a habit. And I would like to add that recharging this battery is not too burdensome, because it takes just over half an hour, if we have practically completely discharged. If I am to grumble, well - I am complaining that there is no wireless charging.

Surprisingly good photos

It's time to move on to what surprised me the most in this model, i.e. photography. The previous one Realme GT took nice photos, but it didn't take me away - it was the correct smartphone for its price category. Realme GT 2 Pro is a big step forward in this respect.

We have two 50 Mpx cameras and a third camera for microscopic photos (not to be confused with macro). It all works out great. The main camera takes great photos during the day and very good night photos - I would even say that it is close to the flagship level here. Seriously - there is nothing to attach to, even in the regular, automatic mode, and when we turn on the night mode, it basically makes the night day for us, which is not always desirable, but the effects are really bombshell.

The second camera is a wide-angle camera. You will say that it's not unusual, but this one has a field of view not 120 degrees, but 150 degrees. There is a clear difference, but when we look at the photos, there is no this characteristic deformation of the shape of the captured images - you can see that the electronics do a good job here, correcting the geometry of the photo as much as possible to make it as good as possible in the perception. Importantly, in night shots, this wide-angle camera is only slightly behind the main one.

The third camera is also an interesting toy, but I can't think of any meaningful use for it. On the one hand, it will allow us to make an amazing shot of, for example, the material of our t-shirt or ferns on our keyboard, but on a daily basis? I don't know what I would like to use this camera for, other than to impress my friends. Alternatively, to make a macro, we can use the digital zoom, which is also available here, but remember, digital zoom is not the same as a real telephoto lens.

When it comes to video, I have no major complaints here. The sound could be a bit better, but let's say it's pretty decent. The 32 Mpx selfie camera also does its job. Overall, when it comes to the photographic side of this Realme, it is really cool, and you can even say that it is close to the level of much more expensive phones.

Realme GT 2 Pro - sample movies recorded with a smartphone
video: via YouTube

High score

So how would I rate Realme GT 2 Pro at launch? High. The phone is basically devoid of any serious weaknesses. On the downside: no water resistance, no inductive charging, no possibility of expanding the memory with a card, no minijack. As for the negative features, I would also mention the noticeable throttling and too intense heating of this smartphone under heavy load.

To be completely happy, I also miss the full, even stereo of the speakers... and that's about the disadvantages.

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Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

Maciej Gorczycki

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