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Realme 9 Pro+

Really on the Plus

Realme 9 Pro+

Realme 9 Pro+
It's time to meet Realme 9 Pro+, i.e. one of the slightly higher-positioned models in the Chinese brand's offer.
Realme 9 Pro+ - video review
video: via YouTube

Crouch reader, hidden switch

From the outside, the device looks quite nice, although the plastic housing does not make me particularly optimistic. It's good that we have a cover in the set, because while the back is quite scratch-resistant, it is not necessarily dirty - it gets dirty very quickly, especially around the camera lenses.

What's more, the plastic frame of the phone is quite susceptible to damage - when the phone falls to us, traces will appear on it very quickly. My copy already has a few. Unfortunately, we cannot talk about any class of water resistance, but we have a minijack. This is a big advantage of this phone, considering that mini-jacks in smartphones are becoming more and more rare.

Ergonomics is not objectionable, as long as we get used to the fact that the volume buttons are on one edge of the screen, and the switch is on the other. This is a typical feature of the Realme or Oppo models, and since I recently tested a few phones of these brands, it was not difficult to get used to. It is a bit worse with the fingerprint reader - it is placed quite low on the side, and as a result it is a bit hard to reach. However, once the finger hits the target, there should be no further problems - the reader is generally fast and flawless.

SuperAMOLED does it

The screen awakens a positive impression. You can only complain about old-school, not very narrow frames, but what matters in between them is the SuperAMOLED matrix, which means cool colors, good brightness (in this case, maybe not the best, but still good) and fast refreshing. In this case, the screen can either refresh the image at a fixed frequency of 90 Hz or 60 Hz, or set the frequency automatically as needed. Its diagonal is 6.4 inches and the resolution is Full HD.

The whole is covered with Gorilla Glass 5. There are also useful screen settings, such as eye protection against harmful blue light, or the ability to adjust the color palette to our preferences. The palette in "live mode" will give us expressive colors and a very cool black, only white becomes a bit less white - a bit pink appears in it. Overall, however, the screen meets all expectations - the color reproduction and sharpness do not disappoint, and the brightness is sufficient for use in strong lighting.

Useful options without unnecessary junk

The Realme 9 Pro + interface is based on Android 12 RealmeUI. It's clean, tidy and friendly, and at the same time gives us a lot of personalization options - we can change the appearance of the Always on Display, the typeface of icons, unlock animations and the color of the entire menu. We also have edge lighting, which is a substitute for the notification LED - in a phone without folded edges of the screen, it is a bit pointless, but it's better than nothing.

The lack of a diode does not bother so much when you have Always on Display. Among the additional RealmeUI options you will also find an application for system maintenance, a simplified mode and a sidebar with shortcuts, and fans of multitasking will love the option of using the second app not only in a split screen, but also in a floating window.

For those who like curiosities, I recommend the "Realme laboratory" - there you will find experimental functions such as heart rate measurement with a fingerprint reader. The only thing that cannot be found in this system is the excess of unnecessary pre-installed applications - in this case Realme prefers to focus on minimalism.

Stable average

In terms of performance, the smartphone also works. We have a Mediatek Dimensity 920 processor and not the fastest memory anymore - DDRX in the case of RAM, UFS2.2 in the case of internal memory. My copy was in a slightly weaker set of memory, i.e. 8 + 128 GB, but it is worth noting that it can be expanded with virtual RAM - then 5 GB separated from the phone's internal memory will serve as additional RAM. Worse, there is no slot for a microSD card - so if you decide on this model, better spend your money and buy a version with 256 GB of memory.

How does it fare in benchmarks? Generally good. It's not a speed demon, but it doesn't have such a need. It is important that it works smoothly on a daily basis and that is how it works. I did not notice any more serious cuts, although sometimes the smartphone happened to think for a second.

Sometimes I also noticed some minor cuts in the interface animations - it was possible it was a matter of automatically controlled image refresh. However, these were the exceptions, most of the time I had no problems with liquidity. Stability is no worse - stress tests show no clear throttling, the temperature rises a bit, but not much.

Battery frost is not terrible

Realme 9 Pro+ battery is pretty good, although slightly below the current standard for medium-sized people - 4500 mAh. This is actually quite a lot, considering that the phone weighs only a little over 180 g. This capacity is enough for two days of typical operation - in my case the smartphone was able to last so much time even with a 90 Hz refresh.

I also had the opportunity to use the phone in very low temperatures, and I find that it did not drastically affect the performance - yes, the working time was shortened, but not that much. What made me happy was the fast charging - the massive 60W charger is able to fill this smartphone in just over 40 minutes, and even a 15-minute charge will fill the battery almost halfway. The only thing missing is wireless charging.

It also works well as a communication tool - there are no problems with connectivity, the sound in the earpiece is decent, we have Dual SIM and 5G. We even have Wi-Fi 6 - unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to try it, because I have not yet acquired a router of this standard. Maybe someday. There is also stereo sound - a bit uneven, because the role of an additional speaker in games and movies is taken over by the headphone, but it sounds not too bad.

The only communication element I had problems with was the proximity reader - it didn't always work as expected, but there was no tragedy in this regard either.

Surprisingly good photos

When it comes to the Realme 9 Pro+ camera, it gave me a surprise. I must admit that I didn't expect such a quality of photos. What got Realme in here? First of all, the IMX766 50Mpx main matrix with f/1.8 aperture, and with double stabilization (both optical and digital). The next camera is a wide-angle IMX355 with an 8 Mpx matrix, f/2.2 aperture and a field of view of 119°, and finally, to make it not too poor, a 2 Mpx macro camera was added. Selfiaki are made by a 16 Mpx camera with f/2.4 aperture.

Daytime photos are basically great in every respect - they are sharp and well lit, sometimes even too well when we accidentally face the sun. The colours are as they should be - there is absolutely nothing to complain about. The same goes for the wide-angle camera. The fact that it has a slightly worse aperture and the photos taken with it differ slightly in brightness and colour tone from those taken with the main camera, but it's actually pretty good.

You cannot see any drastic decrease in the quality of detail reproduction at the edges of the frame, which is a common characteristic of wide-angle lenses. The digital zoom is also good, but I would not go beyond the double zoom, which is proposed on the main camera panel. As for the macro, well - it's okay. It works just like any other two-megawatt medium model.

Night shots also work well - they can work well even without the night mode. This one is useful in urban photography, where there are bright spots that need to be suppressed and the background hidden in the shadows, from which the night mode will extract some details. Sometimes it even happens that a special mode works too well for us and makes the night a day for us.

In some situations, it's best to decorate one photo with night mode, one in the slot machine, and compare which ones are better. Selfiaki, on the other hand, are typical mediocrity - there is nothing to be fussy about, but also nothing to praise.

When recording movies, we have a resolution of 4k, but unfortunately only in 30 frames. 60 is available at most in Full HD, which is still quite a decent resolution. We are also limited to this resolution by digital stabilization (in 4k we only have optical, and you can see some vibrations - in Full HD we have both optical and digital) and artificial intelligence, which, if necessary, will even go into HDR. It is worse with blurring the background - this can only be used in HD. It doesn't make sense anymore, so better let it go. Full HD remains the most preferred option.

Realme 9 Pro+ - Sample Videos
video: via YouTube

Above average model in an ugly frame

Is it worth trying Realme 9 Pro+? You can find this phone for 380-400 euros, but for the weakest version - 6 + 128GB. Adding a little bit the one I had, i.e. 8+128, but personally, I would probably think of the most expensive one, which has 256GB of internal memory - and let me remind you that we will not increase the memory here. Anyway, the phone is below 400 euros, which in my opinion makes it worth taking an interest in.

At first glance, the phone may not be stunning - for me it looks a bit too modest and clichéd, but it's not terrible. Maybe you'll like it. Worse, the plastic frame is prone to damage, the back is easily dirty and is not waterproof. In addition, there is also a strangely located fingerprint reader and a sometimes faulty proximity sensor. There is also no microSD card slot and 4k stabilization.

On the other hand, the battery is nice, both in terms of capacity and charging. The performance is fine, the screen is also very nice, and the most enjoyable is the quality of the photos, which in my opinion stands out beyond the price range of this model. Taking all this into account, this phone, despite its shortcomings, remains recommendable.

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