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If it wasn't for one little thing...


It's finally time to invite you to our POCO X4 Pro review. Did POCO do what it usually does, which is a nice phone for nice money?
POCO X4 Pro - video review
video: via YouTube

Original style

In terms of appearance, POCO, as always, stands out from the crowd. On the back panel we have an interesting pattern and a conspicuous camera island - it is so big that the word "continent" would be a more accurate description. On it, three cameras plus a flash and an artificial intelligence icon, which also try to visually impersonate the lenses, and a large logo on the other side. It's all available in three colours, from subtle black to intense yellow. Apparently, Poles statistically prefer black-coloured smartphones, but I like bolder colours.

Of course, it is not only the appearance that counts in the case, but the POCO X4 Pro also does not disappoint in terms of solidity. The frame, although made of plastic, turns out to be quite stiff and resistant to use. I had the opportunity to use the phone for well over a month and there was no shortage of damage, but it still holds up well. Even scratches are not very visible, neither on the back nor on the front, and for those who want additional protection, the set includes a silicone cover. I can complain, however, that the housing gets dirty quickly. It is also not waterproof, although at this price point it can be forgiven.

Modern screen and traditional reader

There is an AMOLED screen - very good for an inexpensive device. The display has a diagonal of 6.67 inches, Full HD resolution with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and, as befits AMOLED, it offers us excellent black and quite good brightness - brightness that may not break records, but on sunny days it works quite well, and after dark it does not tires the eyes.

Our eyes will also be saved by the dark mode present in the interface and the reading mode that protects the eyes from harmful blue light. You can also adjust the colour balance to your liking - I prefer the "vivid" colour option, where the colours become quite intense, but still pleasing to the eye.

Interestingly, although there is an AMOLED screen, we have a classic fingerprint reader - on the side of the housing, integrated with the switch button. For my taste, it's great - not only is it comfortable to reach, it also works quickly and reliably. The face recognition system also works quite decently, but this is of course less reliable than the fingerprint reader.

Old but spring

The interface is a bit less impressive - it is MIUI 13 based on Android 11, which is not a particularly new system, with patches from January 2022. Apart from that, there is not much to complain about - the interface is simple, neat and clear. It is true that we get a few basic apps to start with, but this is nothing useless - we can find here, for example, Tiktok, Facebook, Amazon or Spotify, something that many of us use, and if necessary, they can be removed without much problem. There were also additional functions - there is not only NFC, but also a minijack, as well as an infrared transmitter that will allow you to use the smartphone as a remote control for various devices. There is even an FM radio. In the end, POCO doesn't disappoint when it comes to equipment.

Efficient and stable

There is also nothing to complain about the performance. Here we have a Snapdragon 695 supported by 6 or 8 GB RAM. I tested the cheapest version and it was pretty good. The smartphone works smoothly and quite efficiently, even with more powerful games such as Asphalt 9. It is also not bad in terms of heating, and most importantly, throttling will not be a problem either - even in stress tests it did not bother.

The cheaper variant of the phone offers 128 GB of memory, which in practice leaves us with just over 90. Fortunately, we have the option of using a microSD card, but at the cost of giving up Dual SIM. So I think it's worth paying extra a little and buying the version with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal memory.

Compulsory conference call

The audio quality is overall pretty decent, and there is no problem with call quality or the performance of any other communication modules. We also have stereo speakers... and with them, unfortunately, seems to be a serious drawback.

Inexpensive phones sometimes use the headphone speaker to achieve stereo sound along with the main speaker. As the headphone speaker is designed for quieter sounds, the result is often an uneven stereo effect... OCO X4 Pro has the opposite problem, however.

There are additional loudspeaker openings on the top panel, similar to the main speaker at the bottom, but I have a strong impression that this "additional" speaker and headphone speaker are one and the same. The result is that during phone calls, the voice of our interlocutor escapes through the upper opening and everyone around can hear what we are talking about. For me, unfortunately, this feature deletes this smartphone as a communication tool - it is good at most for gaming and browsing the Internet.

The charger does not fail

As a consolation, we have a pretty nice battery. 5000 mAh is now a typical value for medium-sized people, the performance of this battery is also typical - the phone will easily work for two days, and one day will last even with more intensive use. The set also includes a charger, which, unfortunately, is no longer obvious, even with medium-sized tires. Fortunately, POCO does not disappoint in this matter - the charger is not only there, but it is also fast - it is a massive device with a power of 67 W that will charge a smartphone in just over 40 minutes from scratch, and since usually nobody discharges the phone to zero, in in practice, it will usually take us about half an hour.

Megapixels aren't everything

Does a powerful camera island equal great performance? At first glance, you might think so, because the main lens has the entire 108 Mpx! With f/1.9, which is also decent. The other cameras are 8 Mpx wide-angle with 118 ° field of view and f/2.2 aperture and a two-megapixel macro camera with f/2.4 aperture. Not too bad, but compared to the main camera it doesn't sound very impressive. It is also a pity that there was no telephoto lens, but I do not require it in an inexpensive phone. Worse, there was also no optical image stabilization - it is only digital.

After the resolution of 108 Mpx one would expect no one knows what... but as a result it is rather average - as you would expect in this price range. I expected richer in details, better lit photos, but anyway during the day the camera performs properly. In the evening it gets worse - you can see the noise, we lose a lot of details, the colours can also be distorted. This is definitely not a smartphone for shooting in the dark - even for a cheap device it could be a bit better.

The wide-angle camera, as you can guess from its parameters, cannot cope even more at night. During the day, it performs adequately, just like the macro - it is what it is. Selfies, taken with a 16 Mpx camera with an f/2.4 aperture in the screen aperture, are even quite good - even background blurring in portraits is quite decent, although taken with one lens. After dark it is obviously worse, but for the front camera there is no drama.

When it comes to video recording, well - a thing for minimalists. We will record a maximum of Full HD, at thirty frames ... there is nothing to admire, but you could say that it is correct. Almost, because the soundtrack even in Full HD could be much better.

POCO X4 Pro - sample movies
video: via YouTube

Lots of pros and cons

So do I recommend this smartphone? At a price of PLN 1499 or PLN 1699 (and I would suggest the more expensive variant with 256 GB of memory and 8 GB RAM), it has a lot of competition. Against its background, it stands out with a cool design and a very good display. We will also be satisfied with the performance and stability, a great fingerprint reader, a good battery with a fast charger included, as well as a rich equipment - there is a minijack socket and a microSD slot, there is even a radio and an infrared transmitter. There are also two speakers, and they sound quite loud... too loud.

If you value the privacy of your phone calls, POCO X4 Pro will not be for you. If that's okay with you, it might be a good buy... unless you need to an above-average camera. Night photos are simply poor, and movies can only be recorded in Full HD, which in 2022 is rather below average. In a budget building, I would still suffer from it, but the lack of 4K in a phone for a wheel and a half seems to be a significant shortcoming. Even the casing, although very nice, is not perfect - it is quite durable and does not scratch easily, but it gets dirty quickly and is not waterproof.

Overall, it's not bad at all, but in many respects it could be even better. So the overall POCO X4 Pro is a bit like its exterior - some will be completely satisfied, others not a bit.

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Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

Adam Łukowski

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