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POCO M4 Pro 5G

It's not always May...

According to all the rules of the market, POCO M4 Pro 5G should become a hit right away. Does it really have the makings of this hit?
POCO M4 Pro - video review
wideo: video: via YouTube

Fascinating colours

The smartphone makes a really good first impression. The matte housing does not get too dirty or scratching, despite the fact that it is made of plastic. There are three colours to choose from: classic black, a gradient from light blue to a darker shade, and finally, bright yellow.

In the front we have a narrow frame around the screen (protected by Gorilla Glass 3) and a hole for a selfie camera, and on the back there is another curiosity - an enlarged frame around the camera, with a large logo. Not everyone will like it, but at least it makes POCO a bit different from dozens of other similar devices...

How many cameras are there?

However, this is not the only unusual solution in this area. At first glance, you might think that we have as many as five lenses, but it quickly turns out that in reality there are only two - 50 Mpx (main camera) and 8 Mpx (wide-angle). The remaining circles on the frame are mainly decorative. An alternative would be to throw in real, but not very useful, eyelets with a matrix of about 2 Mpx. Two decent quality cameras are definitely enough for me.

The quality of the photos is not stunning, but in this price segment it's hard to count on something better. It's hard to find fault with the quality of the main camera, the most irritating thing is the nervous autofocus. It will not always catch the focus exactly where we want - and you have to help it with a tap of a finger on the screen. The photos could have a little more intense colours - here, especially for a Xiaomi product, they seem to be very subdued. At least there is a night mode here - it can tweak the colours a bit, or increase the amount of details in the darker parts of the frame.

The wide-angle camera gives way to the main one, mainly due to a worse aperture in the lens, but it still performs decently. The same can be said about the selfie camera, as well as the possibility of recording movies - here we could use better sound and the possibility of recording in 4K, because we are limited to Full HD in 60 frames per second. In general, the photos after enlarging will not particularly charm us, while on the phone screen they look flawless.

POCO M4 Pro - sample videos
video: YouTube

Fast but not very bright

Unfortunately, I have several objections to the screen itself. It has a diagonal of 6.6 inches, Full HD+ resolution, but unfortunately it is IPS. The brightness leaves something to be desired. While under cloudy skies we will have no problems, the image will lose its quality in the sun's rays.

It is true that we have an automatic mode, which works flawlessly, and its maximum brightness, exceeding 450 nits, theoretically should give good readability - but I have the impression that it is still a bit short of the ideal. The screen can also boast a frequency of 90 Hz, but I would gladly give this fast refresh in exchange for AMOLED.

Don't save on RAM

It is pretty good in terms of power, though. The phone has a MediaTek Dimensity 810 processor and the memory comes in two variants: 64 GB of memory and 4 GB of RAM, or 128 and 6 GB of RAM. I definitely recommend the latter version - it is not much more expensive and the difference is big. We can also expand the memory with a microSD card.

The battery also works, with a total of five to ten hours with an illuminated screen, which equates to two days of normal use. More importantly, the included charger with a power of 33 W means that the battery charges quickly - from completely empty to 100% charged it will take little more than an hour.

Performance ok, but...

The phone does not heat up too much, and it does not have throttling. He will not break any records in benchmarks, but he will not compromise himself either. It's playable and you won't experience too much trouble in everyday use... but it can spoil your mood if POCO M4 Pro has a tendency to quite aggressive churning of applications working in the background, which may cause us to receive delayed notifications.

In addition, a few times lag happened to me for no great reason - just opened a calendar or a message box, and suddenly the smartphone "thought" for a long time. Locking and re-unlocking solved the problem. Another curiosity that I noticed was the duplication of the application - after installation, two icons of the same app appeared in the tray. The anomaly was purely visual and would repair itself in a few clicks. Hopefully there will be some major update to stabilize this system a little.

Apart from these incidents, the software itself is completely OK - it is a well-known MIUI overlay, which in my opinion has more advantages than disadvantages. It is friendly, transparent, quite intelligently made, allows for quite extensive personalization of the device, and the pre-installed applications are rather useful. Nevertheless, it is not a phone for pure Android lovers.

Mi Pilot and other gadgets

Among the additional applications we can find Mi Pilot - this one, thanks to the built-in infrared transmitter, allows us to turn our Poco into a convenient controller for managing the TV, set-top box, DVD, BluRay or other gadgets we have at home.

It worked flawlessly on the equipment I tested. GPS and NFC payments worked equally well. In addition, the phone also has 5G and a minijack socket - headphones are not included in the set, but if we already have them, they will serve as an antenna for listening to FM radio.

In terms of biometric security, we have a classic fingerprint reader integrated with the power button on the side. It works perfectly, face recognition works just as well, although it is a simple system based on a selfie camera - in terms of security, it will not match the line reader.

The sound quality during phone calls is quite good, but I have a slightly imprecise proximity sensor - you need to hold the phone to your ear properly, and if, like me, you talk often while holding the phone with your arm, you have to reckon with the fact that the touch screen will turn on and clicking an ear where it is not necessary.

I liked the two speakers more, one on the top next to the IR emitter and the other on the bottom next to the USB-C. They can sound loud when needed, and holding them horizontally, you can hear a slight stereo.

Some advantages, some disadvantages

So is this phone hit material? Many things could be better with it. The camera does not impress here, let alone the display, the stability of the software also raises doubts. But there is a minijack, a memory card slot, a good battery with a fast charger in the set, an infrared transmitter and quite good stereo speakers. The wide-angle camera also works well, and from the visual side, I also liked the phone very much.

Perhaps you will find something more interesting for this amount, not necessarily from Xiaomi's offer, but the Poco M4 Pro is a pretty good proposition. In short, it is not an ideal, but for $ 220, there is nothing to count on for an ideal.

POCO M4 Pro 5G, POCO M4 Pro, POCO M, POCO, Pocophone, Xiaomi, Redmi; viewed: 887 times.

Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

Adam Łukowski

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