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Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro

New style, old problems

Time for a gaming monster! Until now, I have associated Nubia smartphones with a great specification, a nice display, a fairly average camera and battery, large dimensions and weight, as well as a smooth casing, through which the smartphone easily slides off all surfaces. What's the Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro?
Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro - video review
video: via YouTube

Stylish and handy

She's definitely better on the last point. The graphite-gray-black Obsidian model I tested has a shiny decorative border, but the edges of the casing are matte and somewhat rubbery to the touch, thanks to which the phone lies firmly both in the hand and on the table. The whole thing is likely to be more durable than models that had an all-glass back.

Another aspect where Red Magic 7 Pro stands out from the outside is the cooling components - there's a metal drain plate in the center of the back plate warm, at the back we also find vents - unlike previous Nubia models that had them on the sides. However, the high-speed cooling fan under the casing has not changed - unfortunately, it is still too loud in my opinion.

The rest of the elements are arranged in a typical way for Nubia - USB-C and the speaker at the bottom, the minijack socket and another speaker at the top, traditionally placed power and volume buttons, as well as touch triggers with very high refresh rate on the side of the case. On the opposite side we will find a game mode switch - using it will limit notifications and other disturbances, and will also improve performance. The biggest curiosity is at the top of the screen - it's a sub-screen selfie camera! It is easy to see when the screen is off, but when the display is lit, it is basically invisible.

Great screen with hidden camera

The quality of front camera images varies, but it cannot be denied that it is an ideal solution in terms of aesthetics. The display Red Magic 7 Pro looks great - it has an even and narrow frame, and its harmony is not disturbed by any hole or, worse, notch.

The screen of the new Nubia is great in many respects - it is a 6.8 "AMOLED matrix with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and HDR10 certification. It is important for players that the touch panel is refreshed at a rate of 720 Hz, in addition to several fingers at the same time. The colours are very good, the brightness is also quite sensible... although on sunny days it could be even better. It's not bad, but I expected a little more from a gaming smartphone.

Of course, there are all the usual functions of adjusting the display - there is protection of eyesight against harmful blue light, there is the possibility of adjusting the colour balance to our needs and preferences, the automatic brightness adjustment also works quite well.

Real stereo

Good speakers go hand in hand with a good display. Some phones offer partial stereo using the headphone speaker in a duet with the main one. The gaming Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro doesn't play in half-measures and offers a total of three speakers. One of them is, of course, the headphone, which gives you pretty decent quality for your phone calls.

Apart from it, we have two multimedia speakers that ensure equal stereo sound - they are hard to complain about, they sound clean and loud. Unfortunately, the built-in fan is also quite loud - it sometimes breaks through the soundtrack, and worse, you can also hear it while recording movies. Fortunately, it can be turned off if necessary. As a consolation, there is a minijack entrance.

Interface still choppy

Red Magic 7 Pro is not the first smartphone of this brand that I have the opportunity to test, and unfortunately the manufacturer stubbornly repeats its eternal problem: translation. The entire interface looks like it's in beta, still waiting for adjustments. A large part of the items in the interface have been omitted in translation and among the others we find linguistic errors and stumbles, including my favorite " time-lapse ", ie time-lapse recording in the camera. This absurd phrase stuck in my memory while testing Red Magic 6, and in the new model I had the opportunity to see it again.

It's a pity, because apart from the absurd translation, the interface is not stupid. It contains a fairly wide range of options related to personalization, has very extensive options for the Always On Display function, we also have a functional sliding panel on the side, and some applications (especially factory ones) can be run in floating windows. A special menu for players deserves a separate attention, available using a slider switch on the side of the smartphone housing. In this menu we can collect all the games, we also have access to all settings related to the game, such as the settings for the side, additional buttons for players. Apart from the translation problems we mentioned, the layout of this menu is pretty decent.

Cool processor, hot hands

As befits a gaming smartphone, we have a very powerful interior here - Snapdragon 8 series, lots of memory, and a very extensive cooling system - you can safely expect that everything will run smoothly and quickly. Indeed, it's fabulous most of the time. Unfortunately, the smartphone has moments of shortness of breath from time to time, and what's more fun, we are also dealing with a very strong emission of heat. On the one hand, this may indicate that this cooling system is really doing its job and transferring heat to the outside of the smartphone. On the other hand, unfortunately, the temperatures reached by the housing of this phone are already on the verge of being unbearable, as they even exceed 60 degrees. Whatever you look at it, it's way too warm.

The phenomenon of throttling is very low, but I am concerned about those weird snippets that I experienced from time to time even while scrolling through the interface. It should also be noted that the internal memory (256 GB in the more expensive variant) will not be expanded with a microSD card. It's better not to get excited about the display refresh rate too high - only a few games are able to show 120 frames per second, most of the time we only have standard refresh. The fact that in this case the fault lies rather with the application, not the smartphone itself.

Big battery, more demands

It's not easy to stuff more than 5000 mAh into a smartphone, and this is also the capacity we can find in the Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro. It's quite a big battery... but unfortunately, it won't last long in a demanding gaming phone. It will last a full day if you play from time to time, but with more intensive use it may be necessary to charge it up to two times a day. As a consolation, I can say that there is quite a fast charging here, because with the power of 65 W. Thanks to it, we will charge the phone in about half an hour, unless of course we will not play in the meantime. In terms of charging speed, there is nothing to complain about... but you can envy Nubia users in China, because the smartphone is offered there with a 120 W charger and can be charged even faster.

Photos are a secondary issue

It is accepted that gaming phones do not have very special cameras. It is no different here - the main camera with a 64 Mpx matrix and f/1.8 aperture, 8 Mpx wide-angle with f/2.2 aperture and a 2 Mpx macro eye.

The basic lens does a decent job - there is good contrast and dynamics, there is not much noise, the colours are a bit emphasized, but in a good looking way. Even the digital zoom works decently - mostly because it is only 2x.

The wide-angle camera is also doing quite well, but the difference between it and the main camera is significant. Less details, less dynamics, less sharpness - with this size of the matrix it is not surprising. The most striking, however, is the color reproduction.

It is also average at night - the main camera copes well, even if the intense denoise softens the night photos. Night shots will have less details, but it doesn't catch the eye - it's not bad for a gaming camera. Of course, it will be worse if we try to use the wide-angle camera at night - even the night mode will only help a little here. In the dark, the digital zoom will also be worse.

The macro lens is a tiny camera without autofocus, in addition, the camera interface makes it quite difficult to determine the appropriate level of sharpness - a dedicated magnifier is used for this, which was to facilitate the matter, but in practice it is more disturbing than helping. It is survivable, but no more can be said.

How's this cool selfie camera doing? Unfortunately, definitely not. The photos are smoothed out, their dynamics are quite limited, the colors are so saturated, the details are not worth mentioning. What's worse, you have to wait a long time to process the photo - it's not a second or two, but even around ten. Overall, the only good thing that can be said about this camera is that it exists... and at the same time its existence is unobtrusive. Something for something - although the position of the lens under the screen limits it strongly, in the case of a phone for players it is an understandable compromise.

The quality of the films does not differ from the photos - good during the day, after dark and at night it is acceptable, the sound is not bad but there is no madness, and with the front camera it is better not to do them.

Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro - sample movies
video: via YouTube

A phone for chosen ones

This very specific smartphone can be found in European distribution in three variants. The 12+128 GB version, the one I tested, costs 630 €. The model one mesh higher with 16+256 GB memory in intense, bluish-purple-pink shades already costs 729 €, and the top model Supernova with transparent backs and LED-illuminated fan and 18+256 GB memories is already an expense of 799 €. Is it worth the cost of this phone?

If you are gamers and you feel that this type of phone turns you on, then yes. In any other case, unfortunately, I think that you can safely skip this purchase. Red Magic 7 Pro won't necessarily work as an ordinary smartphone. Its menu is too twisted, it makes too much fan noise, takes such pictures and terrible selfies, although it has to be admitted that it has a very nice screen, a decent battery, and the performance does not give reasons to complain most of the time. Nevertheless, the matter is clear - this specific device may appeal to demanding players who know exactly what they want, while the average user who is simply looking for a nice smartphone may not be entirely satisfied with Red Magic 7 Pro.

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