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  1. For the purpose of comparative testing of picture quality, it is best to take 3 - 4 pictures.
  2. Photos should include plans of all sizes:
    • a portrait or scene involving a person's face, or face and body section below, but no higher than chest height,
    • a landscape or scene in which there is a landscape without the presence of characters in the foreground. Landscape photography should be a photo of fairly distant objects (further than 10m.)
    • the group, so from 2 to 4 people standing next to each other, preferably included in the so-called "American plan" or to the knee.
  3. Photos should be taken with uniform lighting, no large contrasts lighting. Avoid images in the evening (when the light is little and it has yellow or orange colour), and in full sun. Optimal conditions with slightly overcast or foggy sky. Digital Cameras in phones usually poorly handle with photos in rooms with artificial light and so these conditions should also be avoided.
  4. Photos should not in any way be adjusted by computer. Preferably after downloading the file with a photo from the phone, immediately send it to us.
  5. If in the picture there is visible any person, be sure to have their permission to publish the image. Likewise, if in the picture there is for example a car with a visible registration number, you should have the consent of the owner of the vehicle for the publication of photos. And it is best when the number is not visible :)
  6. Photos are published after approval by moderator
  7. We reserve the right to non-publication of pictures if the phone has already got enough photographs in the gallery,
  8. We reserve the right to non-publication pictures in case of which there are legal uncertainties, as to their content or authorship.
  9. We also reserve the right to remove already published photos, if we receive credible information that they, or their contents violate anyone's rights.
Add your picture (JPG or PNG format, max. 5MB)
I agree to the publication of images sent, I declare that I am the author and will bear full responsibility for its content.

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