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Motorola Moto G60s

Master of mediocrity, but...

Motorola Moto G60s

Motorola Moto G60s
Motorola Moto G60s is a mid-range smartphone that has been around for some time. Is it worth being interested in at the end of 2021?
Motorola Moto G60s - video review
video: via YouTube

Not very beautiful, but practical

As to be expected at this price, the housing is made of plastic, but it looks decent. I was pleased to see the delicate pattern on the back of the casing - I hoped that it might help to mask any dirt and scratches. However, something in this matter did not work out, and the dirt is just as noticeable as you would expect from a smooth and shiny casing.

It is good then that the set includes a silicone cover. It is true that it collects fingerprints no less than the housing, but at least it will protect against scratching. In addition, the phone offers IP52 water resistance, which does not mean that you can use it in the shower, but a little rain will not hurt it.

In terms of ergonomics, the phone is sensibly designed, but not without a few surprises. At the top there is a minijack input and one of the microphones, at the bottom there is USB-C, another microphone and a single speaker, on the left side there is a card tray, and on the right side ... four buttons.

In addition to the standard switch and volume buttons, there is a button dedicated to the Google assistant, and unfortunately its function cannot be changed. It's a pity, because I could do well without it, and an additional button would be more useful, for example, as a shutter release in the camera. Other than that, the buttons are fine, but they could be farther apart or you could get confused. It is true that the switch has a notched structure, but after putting the cover on, it is hardly noticeable.

The frame around the screen is quite wide by current standards, in addition to different widths - different at the bottom, different on the sides, different on the top. On the top of the screen we find a selfie camera, and a fingerprint reader? It camouflaged on the back, under the Motorola logo.

This is an old-fashioned solution, but it doesn't disappoint, and unless you have a phone in a car holder, it's convenient to reach. Overall, the workmanship is of good quality - the phone is quite stiff, does not creak, and only in terms of style, it does not impress.

Darkness, I can see darkness!

Unfortunately, the display is even less impressive. At this price, I do not count on AMOLED, but let it be at least high-quality IPS. This IPS screen is just average though. It has a Full HD + resolution, and a fairly fast refresh rate, as much as 120 Hz .. but I would gladly replace this fast refresh with a much higher screen brightness. In a closed room there is no problem with this, on a cloudy day the screen also works very well... but once the sun shines more, it can be difficult to see anything.

It's a pity, because the display is what I like: large, with a diagonal of 6.78 ". Just make sure before buying that a phone with such dimensions will fit in your pocket and that it will not be too heavy.

Convenient gesture control

You won't be burdened by unnecessary apps or interface elements, because the Moto G60s system is almost pure Android. You can find all the additional options in the Moto app, and they are quite useful. In addition to the Always On Display substitute and several personalization options, such as the choice of colors or fonts, we also have the famous, almost iconic Motorola gestures, such as waking the phone by picking it up, a three-finger screenshot, or the ability to turn on the flashlight by shaking the phone. A very convenient gesture for sharing the screen between two applications has also been added.

In the moto section you will also find instructions on how to use all these additional elements, as well as the camera.

Lots of average cameras

Taking photos, unfortunately, is another average aspect of this model. At first glance, it looks promising - the main camera with a resolution of 64 Mpx, 8 Mpx wide-angle, 5 Mpx macro and 2 Mpx for blurring... but neither of them knocks you on your knees.

Both the main camera and the macro work reasonably well. The background blur function also does some work, but it would be safe to do without it. The wide-angle lens covers quite a wide field of view, but the photos taken with it give way to both brightness and detail reproduction... still, sometimes it comes in handy. It is a pity that for some reason it does not have a night mode - this is only available in the main camera, and it does not impress there either. It can sometimes take a better photo at night, but usually it only increases the brightness at the expense of more noise in the dark areas of the image.

It is no less average when it comes to movies or selfies. Movies can be recorded in 4K, but only in 30 frames per second. The selfie camera tends to overexpose the background, you will not experience HDR or night mode here. However, you will find an illuminating lamp - almost imperceptible until you use it, so it is a pleasant surprise.

Motorola Moto G60s sample movies
video: via YouTube

At least little heats up

Connectivity and system parameters continue the trend of mediocrity. The phone has 6 GB RAM and a Mediatek Helio G95 processor - not crazy, but it is smooth and stable. The more so that the phone only slightly heats up during strenuous work, and the decrease in performance with such warming up is also minimal - with normal use you will not even notice it.

It's quite good for an average person that the phone has 128 GB of built-in internal memory, which can be expanded with a microSD card in the hybrid slot. So we can choose between a memory card and DualSIM, and in terms of connectivity, we also have bluetooth, GPS and NFC. All of this works fine, and the call quality is fine as well. The loudspeaker is suitable for calls, but it is better not to listen to music through it. The phone does not support the 5G network, but with an inexpensive mid-range model, it is not surprising. In addition, 5G coverage is still as it is with us, so it is possible that it will not make a big difference to you.

Battery the biggest advantage?

The word "average" seems to be the main theme of this review, so I'm glad the Motorola Moto G60s is a positive streak in terms of loading. The battery is, in fact, typical for Motorola, because this company has been packing 5000 mAh batteries into its smartphones for a long time. It is less typical that this inconspicuous medium also has a fast charging function - so not only is the battery last for two days, but then it can be fully filled in 50 minutes.

Pretty good, although with a 50 W charger it could be even faster ... but there is nothing to be fussy about. Especially that the included charger is quite unique - it has an output not only for the factory USB cable, but also for USB-C, and best of all, it can charge two devices at the same time! This will slightly extend the charging time, but we can also charge the smartphone and watch, as well as wireless headphones.

Okay, but you'll find a better one

My final evaluation of Motorola Moto G60s probably won't surprise you. It has its good and bad sides, but mediocrity dominates. The housing and hardware parameters are average, and the photos give way to more expensive mediums, not to mention flagships.

The biggest advantage is the large capacity of the battery and its fast charging, it also enjoys the stability of operation, a convenient fingerprint reader, a mini-jack socket, a place for a microSD, protection against moisture and a cover included in the set. The most disappointing thing is the display, which performs poorly in daylight.

Despite my sentiment towards Motorola, I would not recommend this model as a device of first choice. If an operator offers you Moto G60s cheaper or for free, this might be a worthwhile proposition. But if you are ready to spend 229 euros on the phone, then I suggest you look for a more attractive alternative - you will surely find something.

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Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

Adam Łukowski

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