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Motorola Moto G200 5G Dual SIM

Performance! What else?

Motorola wants to fight in the segment of well-equipped smartphones, the price of which, however, does not exceed 400-500 EUR. Will the attempt to conquer this segment with the Moto G200 5G model be a success?
Moto G200 5G - video review
video: via YouTube

Big and nice

Motorola Moto G200 is no small phone. It has a screen size of 6.8" and it weighs a bit - a little over 200 g. So it is not a device for someone who is looking for a smartphone with a compact, compact size. So if you are interested in buying this smartphone, go to the store, take a it in your hand (even its dummy), and check for yourself before buying whether it will be comfortable with you.

The appearance of the phone is distinguished not only by its dimensions. On the back we can see a very interesting camera frame. The three lenses, separated from each other, lie on a frame that seems to come out of the back panel, which makes the smartphone unique and masks the way the camera lenses stick out a bit - and they really stick out a lot.

On the sides, the phone is a bit less exciting - at the top we find only a single microphone, and at the bottom we find USB-C, a card tray and a no less lonely speaker. We will also not experience a minijack slot or a memory card slot here. There is, however, a side fingerprint reader, located in a great place - it fits perfectly under my finger. This solution is less modern than an on-screen reader, but this is no drawback - thanks to this it works efficiently and reliably. By the way, face recognition based on the front camera also works decently.

The entire phone has a nice glass-like casing which is actually made of plastic and unfortunately tends to get dirty and scratched. This, however, does not change the fact that the phone is solidly constructed, and in addition, thanks to the waterproof level at the IP52 level, it will not be threatened by rain. Only some form of factory display protection would be useful.

Unfulfilled AMOLED desire

The display has a diagonal of 6.8" and Full HD+ resolution, in addition its display frequency is as much as 144 Hz. Sounds impressive! The screen is surrounded by a relatively narrow bezel, except for a fairly wide chin on the bottom edge, and in the center of the main edge we have a selfie camera.

Everything would be wonderful if all this was complemented by the AMOLED matrix... but unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, probably economic, Motorola decided to use the IPS matrix. Were it not for this decision, we could have had better brightness, readability angles, colours and, above all, black. Black, as you know, is not too deep on IPS, so it will be rather gray on this screen.

Despite this disappointing decision, the screen isn't all that bad. It is bright enough to cope with sunny days, although it could be even better. The colors, if we tweak them in the settings, also make sense. We also have automatic brightness adjustment, dark interface mode, eye protection and all other important elements of display adjustment.

Big power, little space

For its price range, Motorola Moto G200 definitely doesn't disappoint with performance. It is powered by Snapdragon 888 - still one of the most powerful processors on the market. It is connected with noticeable heating - during stress tests it calmly exceeded the temperature of 50 degrees. But most importantly, throttling, while clearly noticeable in the benchmark charts, was not particularly annoying with normal phone use. Even with demanding games, it was not as noticeable as in stress tests.

In addition to that, the phone has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The latter, compared to the powerful processor, is disappointing - as of today, 128 GB in a mid-range phone is, in my humble opinion, the absolute minimum. Did I mention that there is no place for a microSD card?

Light and practical interface

The situation is saved by the fact that the operating system does not deplete the modest internal memory too much. The My UX interface used by Motorola is a lightweight overlay and you will not find junk applications here. RAM won't go to waste as well - Moto G200 doesn't tend to be overzealous churning apps running in the background, and you can count on more apps running smoothly.

The manufacturer adds little to pure Android, and what it adds - can be liked. First of all, we have Motorola's own photo application and a set of several improvements that are not overly exposed, but are practical. The icon is the gesture of turning on the flashlight by shaking it - something that in my opinion should be standard equipment of every smartphone. Among the gestures, we also wake up the phone by lifting it, muting the ringtone by rotating the screen down, a three-finger screenshot, and even a gesture that allows you to split the screen between two applications, basically with one movement.

We also have the option of personalization - you can change the shape of icons, font and interface colors. In addition, there is also a notification-restricting mode for the player, and even something like Always on Display - it does not fully work as it could on an AMOLED screen, but some notifications and a clock can be displayed.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the Ready For function - after connecting an external screen and a keyboard or mouse, you can turn your smartphone into something resembling a computer. Personally, I'm not quite a fan of this solution, but if you ever find yourself without a computer, but with a phone and a monitor, then know that with this smartphone you can do it, and also wirelessly.

Good connectivity, moderate sound

As for the more common wireless functions, we have well-functioning GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and 5G here - the phone is very good at finding and maintaining coverage. The sound quality is average. The headphone loudspeaker, the one used for calls, works flawlessly. It is quite clean, it is loud enough, there are no discoloration of the sound, no distortions. It is worse with the external speaker - in the hands-free mode you can talk, but you could use a bit more power, and it's better to forget about listening to music. The loudspeaker sounds fairly clean and does what it can, but it will not do miracles - with two speakers it would be better, and the minijack would also be useful.

Works long, doesn't load quickly

The battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh, typical for Motorola. You can see that the manufacturer contributed to the optimization of the system here - no matter how I would not use this smartphone, the battery could withstand two days of work without any problems. The set includes a 33W charger. It's not much, and we'll wait just over an hour for a full charge. Not too bad, but it could have been better. There was no inductive charging, but I can forgive it easily. At this price, I do not require miracles, and I do not need inductive charging to be happy.

Big, small and smaller

What I need is a high-class camera. Does Moto G200 meet these expectations? It promises to be great - the 108 Mpx matrix plays the main role here. For this we also have a pretty good wide-angle camera, 13 Mpx with a field of view of 120 degrees, and a third camera, which in principle might not be there, because it is 2 Mpx for blurring the background. It is true that the camera interface in Moto G200 looks as if the third one was supposed to be a macro camera, but unfortunately it is different. The wide-angle camera does the macro here.

Honestly, taking pictures with Moto G200 felt a bit unsatisfied. I expected it to be great, and it's average. Pictures taken during the day come out quite correctly, although the colours could be a little more intense, and the white balance shifted a bit towards warmer colours, because I noticed that this phone has a tendency to cool the entire colour. The reproduction of details is also not as perfect as I would expect from a 108 Mpx matrix, but let's say it is quite decent. After dark, unfortunately, it is noticeably worse, although the night mode tries to save the situation a bit, but in my opinion Moto G200 lags behind some of its price range competitors. I think that by spending less than 400-500 EUR on the phone, you will find something that takes better photos.

When it comes to the wide-angle camera, it can be OK during the day, but after dark you better let it go. Macro shots are also quite good, although here you have to work a bit on aiming, because the autofocus will not always go where you expect. Sometimes you have to make two or three tries to make the photo turn out the way you want.

The third camera does its job - cutting off portraits is fairly correct. In the software you will also find an option called "spot colour", which allows you to underline not only one of the selected colors in the photo - including this additional camera probably has some share.

More than 4K?

When recording movies, the Moto G200 can again show off with an impressive parameter - recording in 8k, in 24 frames per second. In fact, however, you may be more satisfied with 4k - with it we can already record at 60 FPS. The image is fluid and crisp, although as in the case of photos, the colours could be warmer and more saturated. Filming in 8K is additionally made more difficult by the fact that we do not have optical stabilization in any of the cameras, and with such a resolution all image shakes begin to sting the eyes quite intensively.

Motorola Moto G200 5G sample movies
video: via YouTube

The photo interface doesn't sting us in the eyes - this one is quite fine. It's simple and clean, although I'd like to be able to choose the order of the modes in the tray as well.

There is also a selfie camera - it has 16 Mpx and works decently, but do not overdo it with beautification, because after exceeding a certain level it turns out a bit artificial.

There was a bit of a lack of perfection

Motorola Moto G200 costing 400-500 EUR is a nice phone, although it left me unsatisfied. First of all, it comes from the lack of an AMOLED screen, which would perfectly complement this quite noble specification. The phone offers really high performance, it doesn't choke the apps in the background and allows you to play even the most demanding games smoothly, but it heats up sometimes. On the other hand, 128 GB of memory may not be enough for some people.

As a communication tool, this Moto works flawlessly, has a very good fingerprint reader and a nice housing. The battery is great, but it is a pity that the charging is only 33 W. A minijack, a place for a memory card, and some factory foil to protect the screen would also be useful. In terms of photography it is fine for an average - but seeing the specification "108 Mpx" one could expect more. Also, remember to take into account the dimensions of the camera before buying.

Motorola Moto G200 is certainly not a smartphone that I would definitely advise against buying, but the above-mentioned shortcomings shouldn't be ignored. I personally would prefer to pay extra for this smartphone and in return get a better display, faster charging and a better refined camera.

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Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

Maciej Gorczycki

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