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Huawei Nova Lite

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mr mink
Yes, it would be nice to have true dual 4G-3G SIM capacity but I think the second SIM only defaulting to 2G probably reflects focus on "developing markets". My Moto G5 had true dual SIMs PLUS separate microSD space - but I did pay twice as much for it. You pays some money and you takes your choices, indeed.
*.162.249.242  |  18 Mar 2018, 14:27
mr mink
I bought the PRA-LX2 in Sri Lanka in early March 2018 as an emergency replacement for a stolen Moto G5 Plus (32Gb+4Gb version - $450AU). After much deliberation as to how much to spend and checking prices and values I paid $220AUD equivalent for the LX2. It was sold to me as the GR3 (2017) but also seems sold as the P8 Lite (2017). I got the blue version, notionally only available in India (but SL is pretty close!).

The main reasons I bought this were the fingerprint sensor (got used to that on Moto G5) and 3Gb RAM – would have preferred 4Gb like the Moto but that would have pushed the price out to 300AUD or so. Even though it is skinned with EMUI 5.0.1, based on Android 7, this is fairly light and having used the Huawei LR3 previously I don’t mind the manner of operation. Some minor functions are somewhat buried/invisible as a result but that may be inevitable. The inability to move apps off onto the SD card storage, as on Moto, is a bit annoying. Adding a 64Gb microSD effectively merges it with inbuilt 16Gb to form one complete pool of storage.

In operation I find it suitably zippy and at least as good/fast as the Moto G5. The fingerprint sensor works pretty well, and despite placement on the back (Moto was on front bottom) this is adapted to reasonably quickly. You can simply use passcode on front if not convenient to use the rear sensor. Dual band Ac wifi would have been nice, rather than just N, but at this price corners are cut somewhere. The speakers at the bottom are much better than on the Moto – which used the earpiece only, which is poor for sound if it is in a closed wallet case, which mine was. I think the 5.2inch size is like Goldilocks porridge, just right, as bigger or smaller is frankly just that.

Overall, for a non-power user like me, there is no need to spend more and this is a more than serviceable mid-range phone.
*.162.249.242  |  18 Mar 2018, 14:21
@Ashoka... Well it is not exactly what you said...
I have Pra-LX2 I think it is Nova Lite. Both sim slots support 3G and 4G...
But only 1 can act as 3G/4G.... If you change the data sim to 2nd sim (the one where memory card can be placed, then it becomes 3G/4G and the 1st becomes 2G)
*.68.202.14  |  09 Oct 2017, 19:17
Not true dual SIM, other is limited to 2G only and either MicroSD or SIM. A hinder where 2G tech is being phased out worldwide.
*.68.144.17  |  25 Apr 2017, 03:58

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